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Traditions are very important in our way of life because they symbolize continuity and show the richness of our heritage . However , some aspects of our way of life still need to be changed . Among these , I strongly believe , is the practice of placing our elderly with nursing homes just when they are in their twilight years and need the love and support of their families most

For such a long time , it has been considered normal for adults to entrust the care of their aging parents [banner_entry_middle]

to nursing homes for many reasons . The professional caregivers will be able to look after the particular needs of the elderly better since they are better equipped for this task . Nursing homes also provide the elderly with the company of other senior citizens . Their activities are properly scheduled and supervised by competent personnel . They are never left alone by themselves . Moreover , parents who are both working have little or no time to spare to look after their old parents and most families today are preoccupied with their own problems and schedules that no space is left for the care of the elderly . So , in a sense , this on-going practice may be practical to many of us

However , as I was growing up , I slowly realized that this practice is not only difficult for our grandparents but must be heart-breaking as well . It pre-empts us from really getting to know our grandparents well and prevents any further quality bonding time between us once they are consigned to nursing homes . Of course , there are the usual family visits but these occasions are a far cry from previous ones when I would go to their house and stay the night or when they would drop by our house

Seeing aging grandparents in nursing homes makes me feel sad because the idea of spending the last years of my life in a place like that , away from family and loved ones , does not particularly appeal to me . Of course , the elderly can make new close friends there (considering their similar experiences , but still , it is not something I look forward to at all , because I strongly value family ties as well

If I could help it , I would not do that to my own parents . They have taken care of me from birth and have guided me during my growing up years in every way they can . They have given me unconditional love selfless sacrifice and support so that their children ‘s needs could be provided for . It is not only being ungrateful when children escape the responsibility of caring for their aging parents for all sorts of reasons , it is sad as well because they all lose the opportunity to interact with each other , show love and support both ways . The young could learn many valuable lessons from the elderly which could save them from bad experiences and heartaches in their own lives

Until now , I am still hoping that this… [banner_entry_footer]


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