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Cold War – Space Race

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p The Cold War and the Space Race Experience

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The objective of this work is to research and examine the experience of the period of time known as the `space race ‘ and the `cold war


Many elements contributed to the period of time that is referred to as the `space race ‘ and the `cold war . This period of time was characterized by intense competition between the `superpowers specifically [banner_entry_middle]

the United States and the U .S .S .R . in the development of space travel and nuclear warfare . The `Cold War ‘ came after the ending of World War II and was a time when the role of the government in science and technology experienced dramatic expansion . As the two `super powers ‘ or specifically the U .S . and U .S .S .R . came to the realization that a scientific leading-edge and technological advancement of capabilities were both of critical importance in the projection of their power the result was that both of these nations locked up in a heated race of related to technology . Never before witnessed investments on the Federal level of government in the developing of defense technology and weapons occurred

I . USSR Soviet ‘s Sputnik

On October 4 , 1957 Soviet Russian launched a 183-pound shiny sphere from their Baikonur Cosmodrome in Central Asia . This object was Sputnik ‘ which means fellow traveler ‘ which went into a 98-minute orbit around Earth (Boyle , 1997 ) While the Soviets celebrated their success the event was described by Bill Colglazier executive officer of the National Academy of Sciences to be one that was really a catalyzing event for the American consciousness (Ibid Sputnik is said to have .struck fear into the hearts of Cold War Americans , who realized that the Soviets could just have as well lofted a nuclear-tipped missile to North America (Ibid

II . The Situation Worsens and Then Brightens for the United States

In November of the same year the Soviet Union launched Sputnik 2 which had a passenger , a dog by the name of Laika who lived until the oxygen supplied in the satellite ran out . In December of that same year the United States launched what ended in fiery failure , earning the nicknames `Kaputnik ‘ and `Stayputnik (Expanding Role of Government nd ) Finally in 1958 a team with the German emigre Werher von Braun leading made the Redstone rocket .the foundation for a four-stage launch vehicle topped by a satellite ‘ During 1958 the 31 pound Explorer 1 was launched into space with a sensor onboard that is credited for having opened the doors for discovery of the Van Allen radiation belt . As the `Cold War ‘ continued history relates that the launching of the Sputnik by the Soviet Union was a challenge that the United States did not fail in rising to the call of . The National Aeronautics and Space Act was enacted in 1958 which created NASA with the express role… [banner_entry_footer]


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