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Cns Breathe right Strips Marketing CASE

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CNS Breathe-Right Nasal Strips : A Case Study

CNS Breathe Right nasal strips are part of the over-the-counter health aids industry . They have established a niche as the only company to offer relief for consumers who snore

SWOT Analysis

Strengths : Breathe-Right is a one-of-a-kind product and it caters to two very common problems : stuffy noses and snoring . There are no other such products on the market (except for a few store-brand generic versions so Breathe-Right has the snoring market all to itself

Weaknesses : The strip must be affixed to the nose in [banner_entry_middle]

to work . Not everyone wants to go to bed wearing such an appliance , and most people will not wear it during the day , thus limiting purchase possibilities The marketing thus far has been strong during cold and flu season and weak to non-existent the rest of the year . Consumers need to be reminded that these products exist when they have a summer cold or spring allergies

Opportunities : Breathe-Right , on the market for over ten years , now has a reputation as being able to relieve stuffy noses : therefore , they can add new varieties of strips (mentholated , or clear so that the strips aren ‘t obvious

Threats : Breathe-Right should keep an eye out for competitors and have a plan in place to assert themselves as the primary source of cold and flu relief

3 . Marketing Mix Strategy

Product : Breathe-Right Nasal strips , which adhere to the nose and

make it easier to breathe , while decreasing snoring . The product

rates a perfect 1 . It entered the market in the mid-90 ‘s when there

was nothing like it around

Price : Around 5 per box . The price is a 1 . It is high enough to

make a profit for the company , but not so high to be too expensive . It is offered in different amounts so the consumer doesn ‘t need to pay for more than they need

Promotion : Products are heavily promoted during cold /flu season

Promotion only rates a 2 , as the product isn ‘t as visible as it was

when it first entered the market

Place : Strips are sold over the counter wherever health aids ‘ are

sold . Rating is a 1 , for it can be found anywhere from convenience

stores to larger stores like Wal-Mart

4 . Website Review

The home page displays CNS ‘s entire line of products , including Breathe-Right strips , Snore Relief , and Fiber Choice . The website can be found using the company ‘s name , CNS , or typing Breathe-Right into a search engine . The mint-flavored Snore Relief is featured in a larger space on the page . Consumers who aren ‘t aware of the company ‘s entire line of products will be d to find that they have a multi-faceted line . The home page also features links to the latest news and events

The link to the Product page features the domestic and international products . The inventors page provides a link to both the inventor of the strips , Bruce Johnson , and the inventor of Fiber Choice , Jerome Lecari It also provides… [banner_entry_footer]


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