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Clinical Psychology(Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

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Running Head : Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Clinical Psychology

The Development of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


Clinical Psychology (your name

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Psychology has become a diversified discipline . It has started with the exploration of the human mind to understand human behavior and since it is a field that concentrates in the study of the human psyche , all of the areas that deal with human behavior have become a specialized field that developed from the major schools of thought and from the evolving needs [banner_entry_middle]

of society . Psychology has made great progress since its inception as a science , in the past it was associated with the psychic and paranormal but has gained academic credence and influence over diverse fields like business , management , advertising , health , education sports , the military and others . One of the major concentrations of psychology is in the treatment of psychological diss and problems through the application of psychotherapy . Clinical psychology has had a long history and with it the birth of different methods and approaches to heal individuals of their mental afflictions . This field had also come out with most of the famous personalities in psychology and even the most controversial (Pickren Dewsbury , 2002 . This presents a historical development of clinical psychology and how cognitive behavioral therapy grew out from this subfield and its impact to the growth and development of the discipline

History of Clinical Psychology

A discussion of the evolution of clinical psychology as an applied subfield of psychology would be incomplete without a historical presentation of the precursors of the field . Clinical psychology has evolved as a means of curing the mentally ill and those who have psychological diss this is differentiated from counseling psychology which helps individuals deal with everyday problems and which does not impair normal functioning . Clinical psychology is the counterpart of abnormal psychology , wherein the former concentrates on the treatment of the mentally ill while the latter focuses on the study of the mentally ill . As such , clinical psychology had risen from the ashes of mental diss and how it was understood by society in the past

The earliest belief regarding abnormal behavior was that the individual was possessed by demons and the treatment was to exorcise the evil spirit through prayers , incantations , magic and herbs (Mundt Backenstrass , 2005 . If the treatment was unsuccessful more extreme measures were taken to ensure that the body would be an unpleasant dwelling place for the evil spirits , as such flogging , starving and burning was common at that time . In the western world , the first progress in understanding mental diss was made by Hippocrates (460-377 B .C ) who rejected demonology and maintained that unusual behaviors were the result of disturbance in the bodily fluids (Pickren Dewsbury , 2002 . Hippocrates and the physicians who followed him argued for a humane treatment of the mentally ill . They stressed the importance of pleasant surroundings , exercise , proper diet , massage and soothing baths as well as less desirable treatments like purging and mechanical restraints . However , this… [banner_entry_footer]


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