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Civil War- Confederate arguments and methods used to promote Secession

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The use of surveys and questionnaire bases research methods are not applicable in assignments like this and literature , and even research studies tend to be angled and biased on emotive issues in subjects like that under study . While sincere efforts have been made to locate and delve deeply into the matter available on the issue , it is always possible that very important information , which remains unknown to the researcher , may have been left out of the scope of study

2 . Literature Review

This research assignment makes substantial use of secondary material [banner_entry_middle]

in the form of texts , journals and magazine articles as well as internet sources for purposes of data availability , analysis and investigation Online libraries like Questia have also been liberally used . All sources used , cited in text or not have been arranged in the bibliography . The researcher prefers to take up s for discussion sequentially and use inputs from a their authors separately for the sake of logical progression of ideas and cohesion of thought


Slavery commenced in North America in 1619 with the arrival of a Dutch ship that brought 20 African slaves to the English colony of Jamestown Virginia as indentured servants . The transformation from bonded servitude to racial slavery happened gradually and it was not till the end of the 17th century that racial slavery was institutionalised in the American colonies . The black people lived and worked as slaves in farms and workshops . Captured from villages and farms in Africa by white slave traders , thousands of Africans , mostly from the Sudan , came to North America in shackles , and aboard slave ships , in the 17th and 18th centuries . White farmers and settlers purchased the captive Africans from these traders and used them as slaves , on farms and plantations mostly in horrific conditions . The children of slaves… [banner_entry_footer]


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