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Christian writings of the Middle Ages

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p Christian writings of the Middle Ages During the Middle Ages , Christianity and Christ were a major theme that made up many of the writings of the time . The Bible played an important role in literature . Many writings often reference to the Bible because the stories in it were familiar to a larger public . One of the most important situation in the Bible was the crucifixion of Christ , so many authors embodied this prevalent theme into their works . Authors wanted the public to be able to capture the understanding of the great and [banner_entry_middle]

br crucial sacrifice of Christ that created salvation for mankind . The different types of writings included stories , allegories , plays , poems autobiographies , etc

The Dream of Rood is one of the ealiest Old English religious poems written . This is a poem that describes a dream . The author does a great job in using very descriptive language , metaphors , and personification In the poem , the narrator has a dream that he is engaged in a conversation with the rood , the rod , or the crucifix in which Christ was nailed on . Christ is portrayed in a very heroic manner in where he is willing to face the terrors of death and torture . The crucifix speaks as if it had its own mind . It accepts its own fate and destiny as it has to watch its own creator die . The crucifix justifies this event in rationalizing that Christ did not die in vain because he sacrificed himself for a greater cause

The Vision of Pier Plowman , is a poem that is written by William Langland . It was written , in a sense , as a religious allegory that also captured elements of satire . The poem is about the narrator and his exraordinary journey for the Christian way of living . The journey involves a sequence of of dream-like visions in where he encounters three individuals . These characters have very interesting names , they are Dowel (Do Well , Dobet (Do Better , and Dobest (Do Best . The poem takes place in a place in Worcestershire in England in the Malvern Hills . Interestingly , the narrator seems to be Christ . The poem examines a knight , or Christ , in a joust with Satan . There are also other relations to the Bible and Christianity such as vision of a tower on a hill , which is comparative to heaven , and a castle in the valley , which probably symolizes hell

A Book of Showings to the Anchoress Julian of Norwich is a book of sixteen mystical visions . Julian is an anchoress , a spiritual solitary that experienced a horrible illness . The book describes visions that Julian had . Being sick , she writes down her thoughts on the visions that she has , like some sort of revelation . These visions synthesizes and portrays the suffering of Christ when he sacrified himself on the cross It describes one suffering the horrors of the crucifixion , but at the same time , who is also courteous and comely . The author articulates her love for God and the yearning for the salvation of humankind

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