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Alone in the World

As humans we do what we must to survive . We all have basic needs the need for food , shelter , and clothing . Another need we have as humans is to feel like we belong , that someone out there loves us . Without this often overlooked need are we really living or doing all we can to provide for ourselves physically just to exist ? In the poem River Snow by Liu Zongyuan the central theme is a man who is doing what he needs to do to sustain . He is alive but [banner_entry_middle]

he is not really living . He does not enjoy the beauties of nature or have companionship to pass the time away . The man discussed in the poem seems to be cold not only on the outside but he feels the cool shiver of loneliness

The time of season in this poem is winter . This area must have extremely cold winters because there is no trace of life in sight . The poem states , From a thousand hills , bird flights have vanished / On ten thousand paths , human traces wiped out (Zongyuan

This reference describes how bitterly cold the environment was . The birds have migrated to find extra warmth and protection from the harsh winter snow and blistering cold air . Winter is a season that is viewed from varying perspectives . Some welcome the white sheath upon the ground and the surrounding trees , just to marvel at the sight . Others view the onset of the winter season as a time for sorrow because they must figure out how to survive the bitter cold . It is hard for this man to enjoy the beauty of nature in this season when there is no visible life around him

Thousands of people traveled from that land because they may have known that to stay there would have meant much suffering . Perhaps the people of the land were not used to a winter as harsh as the one described The writer states that the human traces were wiped out (Zongyuan . I imagine the traces were covered by rapidly falling snow that went from mere inches into feet . Maybe the man in the poem had warned his family and townspeople not to trek through the brutal elements of freezing temperatures and heavy snow . He may have warned them that it is better to stay and endure the season . Sadly , the travelers may have been wiped out in the snow along with their traces . He is left without any sort of human connection . There is no one there to greet , hug , or talk to

The latter end of the poem summarizes the whole mood . It states

Lone boat , an old man in straw cape and hat / Fishing alone in the cold river snow ‘ This man is all alone . He is the only boat in the river fishing for food to fill his stomach . The man here must be extremely cold because there is snow covering the ground (along with the river ) and he only has on a… [banner_entry_footer]


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