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Chinese Cinema

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Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon

Among the films presented , what captures and awaken my interest was the film from Ann Hui entitled Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon . Somehow , it was portrayed very subtle in the few minutes of the filming , but at the end you will appreciate how it was orchestrated and letting message of the films came across to the mind of the viewers . The movie can be reflected also how the present vulnerability of some countries easily reckoned and entice by the overwhelming , numerous offers from the rich and powerful [banner_entry_middle]

countries in exchange of something in their economy and future benefits . Then sooner or later their real intention of their acts slowly surface unveiling the shadow of hypocrites . I do appreciate much how the young and vibrant beautiful female villain in the movie depict her character of determination and patience in achieving her goal willing to gamble every thing she has in position . The female villain was willing to set whatever she has even her life was at stake for that cause of her just to fulfill the desire that stirred up her interest for her personal satisfaction and not after for the destruction of the many . Unfortunately , the fate of having that Green destiny sword was not meant for her to hold on forever for she was not the right one entrusted to look after the care of that green destiny sword . The very least she did , was trying to take the chance of having it

Thought she failed but you can not see in her face the expression of regrets . She have done her best to the best she can but maybe her best was not good enough and the fate of trying was not for the right time and responsibility to hold on that awesome destiny she ever dreamed of . The two characters that I fully appreciated to that young and vibrant villain named Jen Yu was so being energetic in pursuing her intention to have that sword and so cool that even a face of treacherous woman cannot be seen on her . But all of these Jen Yu adventures were a reflection of her mere fascination to the glamorous life of Yu Shu Lien . Believing that a woman can have so many adventures and achieving such freedom is a real marvelous for her . There we can consider also that it was her fascination for a great adventure and achieving such freedom that pushed her to commit such treachery in her in country . We can not even see any single history played along with the movie the reason why Jen Yu should be doing that kind of stuff . Though there are some influences she received from that witched type kind of a master , but we can see it clearly that she was really using her brain in a proper perspective . I really consider that Jen Yu was just using that witched type female master she clings to every time she has some chaos facing with… [banner_entry_footer]


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