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China’s Opening of the Silk Road

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The Silk Road

My research about the Silk Road has been an educational adventure to the wonders of world civilization . The knowledge I gained has led me to believe that unity is vital to progress . By bridging Asia to Europe and Africa , people , ideas , and cultures were likewise interconnected that strengthened the geographic , economic , political , and religious dimensions of other countries . I was amazed of how long the road was and the enormous resources of manpower and materials used in building such a monumental undertaking . It was truly a remarkable achievement by [banner_entry_middle]

man worthy of praise . I was also surprised to see many images of rich historical landmarks , ancient ruins , and beautiful landscapes found along the road . Viewing those pictures seemed to connect me to the past and made me think that in to move forward we have to learn the lessons of our history . That is why it is extremely important to preserve and protect our history . However , some of these historical sites and sceneries are now threatened by treasure seekers and archaeological excavations . The inspiring stories behind this extraordinary human endeavor should teach us the values of cooperation and communication . By sharing and respecting other people ‘s beliefs and traditions , perhaps we can work and live peacefully in this chaotic world of ours for generations to come


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