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China’s Explorations by Sea

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The Silk Road : Riches to Rags

After the Ming Dynasty gained power from the Mongols in 1368 (Cosmeo ,2007 , China began to suffer from weak leadership . Internal national conflict resulted in a lacking capacity to safely and effectively govern the people . Meanwhile , the European nations realized that immense riches could be gained by finding sea routes to Asian countries . This would eliminate the need for the slow , painstaking dangerous , and life-costing travel along the Silk Road . The Europeans with newly designed exploratory capacity [banner_entry_middle]

, concentrated their efforts on nautical exploration and found success there . The Chinese , overly engaged in civil unrest , lost a probable chance to dominate the globe in terms of finance and therefore political power . The laws of supply and demand ruled then too


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Silk Road… [banner_entry_footer]


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