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Chile is a country of surprise distinction and intense beauty , with attractions ranging from the towering volcanic peaks of the Andes to the prehistoric forests of the Lake District . There are a huge amount of very good parks here , and bounty of opportunities for fine exploration travel . Chile is justly famous as the location of Torres del Paine considered by many to be the finest nature travel destinations in [banner_entry_middle]

all of South America (Interknowledge Corporation , 2006

The beauty of Chile is almost the same of their surprising development in business economy adopting the different policy that promotes internal and external relationship . Working close with the Trade Policy to ensure that they will be recognized Worldwide . The trend pattern that they follow and contributed much of what they are now . The investment policy they set for the easy access of the investor and the relationship they engage for them to enter other country Chile ‘s Trade Policies

Open Regionalism Policy

Takes place 1990 during the signing of Chile for free trade agreement to Bolivia , Mexico , Venezuela , Colombia and Ecuador who are members of Association Latin-American Integration (ALADI . Regional trade agreements can play an important role in promoting the liberalization and expansion of trade and in fostering development (OECD Policy 2003

Competition Policy

Since 1959 the Chile government has been practiced to support the free competition . This is fully implemented in the year 1973 in the institutional level . The practice is active in the national and regional levels with the examiner committee that includes National Economic Prosecutor ‘s , Regional Preventative Commissions and the Resolutory Commission . The task of these departments is to oversee and controlling practices which could hold back competition (WTO Secretary Report 1997

1992 Privatization Policy

Chile allow free competition on the telecommunication sector especially for long distances services , have been condense considerably , and new technology has been set up . The State personnel planning to extend the privatization to administration of roads , airports and railways (WTO 1997

Liberalization by 2010

Chile is planning to liberalize its trade by the year 2010 in goods services and investment (WTO , 1997

Chile ‘s Trade Patterns

Multilateral Trade System

This system provides the perfect basis for the expansion of international trade and the best guarantee that the rights and obligations of its members will be respected , regardless of their size and relative mass (WTO Government Report , 1992

Action Aid believes that multilateralism is the form of international cooperation and decision-making that allows more balanced results in favor of the less powerful players (Lindsey Powell 2003 Multilateral institutions are among the very few forums in which developing countries potentially can have an equal voice . Because developing countries greatly outnumber developed countries in a one-country-one-vote framework , they have the opportunity (at least in theory ) to exert an influence as great , if not greater , than their developed counterparts . Thus , multilateralism in general and multilateral institutions in particular , provides a more democratic… [banner_entry_footer]


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