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Children and Organized Activity

April 3, 2016 | Author: | Posted in social issues, social sciences

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In Doing Nothing is Something , Anna Quindlen advocated letting children hang around the house during the summer without organized activities to engage them . To support her views , she argued that downtime is where we become ourselves ‘ asserting that when people are left alone with nothing to do or without major distraction , they have time to look introspectively at themselves and to explore their creativity . They have time to think about things , to ponder . It is this time that fuel (s ) creativity [banner_entry_middle]

‘ according to Quindlen . She further supported this assessment by acknowledging that there is ample psychological research suggesting that what we might call doing nothing ‘ is when human beings actually do their best thinking , and when creativity comes to call

Quindlen worried that parents are making their children ‘s lives too much like their own busy lives with enrichment activities , soccer leagues , acting classes , [and] tutors ‘ She stated that kids need to be kids and have time to do absolutely nothing except have time to think and to be bored . She argued that having no downtime takes away the ability for our future generations to think outside of the box , an admirable trait in current business trends

Since downtime seems impossible to squeeze in during the school year Quindlen suggested doing nothing all summer long , as she believes summer breaks are meant to be this way – a time to play an unorganized sport , a time for looking into the middle distance , kicking at the curb , lying on the grass or sitting on the stoop and staring at the tedious blue of the summer sky . She advised parents to hang out at home and encourage their children to do the same rather than take hectic vacations or attend camp after camp . She also advised parents to unplug the cable on the televisions and the modems in computers and to let children discover their own minds for awhile

I think Quindlen is on key . Personally , I unhook my cable every summer . It motivates me to get out of the house . More families need to allow their children to be bored and to explore their own interests and talents . I think that people can and do develop what is inside of them when they have the time to do so . It is difficult to develop one ‘s own interests and talents when one is so busy doing what everyone else would have them do

People need to experience silence or calm in to experience themselves . They will not be bored instead , they will find someone inside of them who will help guide them through those more hectic days and weeks . There is someone in there who had a creative voice longing for a medium . There is someone in there who just needs a break

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