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Child Observation: Physical Development

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Running head : Physical Development


Physical Development


This observation essay will demonstrate the physical development of early childhood ages two to four and later elementary age ‘s eight to eleven


Two children would be compared on their physical development and characteristics


Early Childhood Physical Development 2-4 years old

The child becomes stronger , and body proportions become more adult like Large body movements , such as running and jumping , improve dramatically Fine motor skills , such as [banner_entry_middle]

writing and drawing , develop more slowly Between the ages of 2 and 3 , the activity level is higher than at any point in the life span (South Carolina Department of Mental Health

Another idea from Child Development Institute (2006 ) and Mesa Community College ‘s Psychology Department (2006 : Ages tow to four exhibits physical development , walks well , goes up and down steps alone , runs seats self on chair , becoming independent in toileting , uses spoon and fork , imitates circular stroke , turns pages singly , kicks ball , attempts to dress self , builds tower of six cubes . Runs well , marches , stands on one foot briefly , rides tricycle , imitates cross , feeds self well , puts on shoes and stockings , unbuttons and buttons , build tower of 10 cubes and pours from pitcher . Skips on one foot , draws “Man , cuts with scissors (not well , can wash and dry face , dress self except ties standing broad jump , throws ball overhand , high motor drive

The observation of Antique Digest (1900 , on early physical development of child ages 2- 4 : The child during this period grows rapidly . He increases 45 in weight from four to seven , – the body below the hips gaining twice as much as the body above . There is also an increasing lung capacity . The body is exceedingly active and the senses are keenly alert . Term says in speaking of this fact “Much that is rigid bone in the adult is soft cartilage in the child , and the whole skeletal system is plastic to a degree rarely appreciated ” There is , therefore , great danger of malformations such as curvature of the spine , knock knees and bow legs . The body is sensitive to changes of heat and cold and peculiarly susceptible to certain contagions such as whooping cough measles , diphtheria and scarlet fever . The death toll from these diseases runs higher during this period than for any other except infancy . The digestive organs are easily upset . The percentage suffering from malnutrition is 16 to 6 from the kindergarten to the fourth grade , and the effects are a weakened constitution , a decrease in resistance to disease and very often a mental retardation . Symptoms of malnutrition are an unhealthy color , bodily thinness , undersize and lassitude . Not only do the children of the poor suffer but those of the rich also , for no matter how plentiful the diet , if not rightly selected the child may be undernourished and sooner or later the effects of which we have spoken will follow

The endurance of this child is slight : he fatigues easily . To quote… [banner_entry_footer]


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