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child obesity and fast food; (Our `supersized` obesee kids)

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p Never before in American history , has a society been more health conscious as well as informed about the dangers of an unhealthy diet Yet , Americans are more obese than ever before and the problem of child obesity has become a problem of epidemic proportions . There are many contributing factors to this phenomenon : greater access to fast foods both at restaurants and at schools , a more sedimentary lifestyle due to the services provided by technology and with many children growing up with both parents working , children today have more freedom and personal [banner_entry_middle]

choice as to what they are going to be eating each night when they come home to an empty house . And many times , those food choices are full on taste and fat and low on nutrition . This contributes to multiple health problems for children that used to be reserved for adults in the twilight of their lives : heart problems , asthma , diabetes and an increase of cancers and many other physical problems brought on by being obese . This is a problem that sadly , the experts do not see receding anytime soon . However , to curb this epidemic and its deadly affects , the responsibility lies with the parents as much as with the children However , education , motivation and self control as well as fast food companies and school cafeterias are factors that need to recognize their responsibility to offer health food alternatives . Progress has been made in the fight against child obesity but much more needs to be done in for the epidemic of child obesity to be a thing of the past

In to solve the problem , it first must be defined . Childhood obesity is a medical condition that affects children . It is defined by a weight above the average for their height and age as well as their body mass index . Childhood is considered to be , and the evidence supports the fact , that it should rightly be referred to as an epidemic . Obesity is also known as the general over-nutrition and the accumulation of fat both beneath the skin and throughout the body . Obesity is caused by an individual ‘s eating more food than is necessary in to sustain life . The body stores new fat either by increasing the number of fat cells or by increasing the size of the existing cells . It is particularly important to control childhood obesity since new fat cells are primarily formed during childhood . Each year of adding these extra fat cells make adult obesity more difficult to fight (Isome , 42 ) Less activity than the individual needs can also cause obesity . Some children are genetically predisposed to being obese . The reason lies in their genes and it is serves as a daunting impediment to that child ‘s body weight being within the healthy limits of the BMI . Over 15 of children are currently obese and sadly , the number keeps growing . This despite the increase of knowledge about proper nutrition , exercise and the benefits of an active lifestyle , is still a very serious… [banner_entry_footer]


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