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Chinese Empire

Firstly , speaking about the background of rebel leader Ch ‘en She , it is necessary to outline that he comes from rather poor family . It is noted that when Ch ‘en She was young , he was forced to work in the with other hired men . One day , when he was plowing , realized that such life was intolerable and though why should people be forced to do things they were not willing to do . He announced that if he became rich , he would never forget about others . However , the rest of men simply [banner_entry_middle]

laughed and said he had no opportunities to become rich and famous . Difficult times came with the reign of the Second Emperor and Ch ‘en She realized that if he ran away , he could be killed , whereas if he tried to revolt , he would be dead anyway . Thus Ch ‘en She together with Wu Kuang initiated the rebellion against the commanders . Ch ‘en She said : If you are willing to die , we have nothing more to say , but if you would risk death , let us risk it . Apparently , the background is given to illustrate that people should always struggle for equal rights , liberties and freedoms Just grin and bear it

Secondly , speaking about the reasons of Ch ‘in fall , it is necessary to mention that managed to develop with years powerful state and for years great lords were forced to pay homage to him . Ch ‘in became a master of the whole empire , although a single commoner opposed him and , finally his empire and legend became simply laughing stock of the world According to the author , the reason is apparent . Chi ‘n ‘s reign lacked humanity and righteousness . Chi ‘n didn ‘t comprehend that the power to attack and the power to retain are different things

Thirdly , speaking about Liu Chu and his rule , he promised to change the life of suffered population . Liu Chu promised to provide code of laws consisting of three main parts . The first promise stated that a person would be killed for murder . The second part announced that a person would be punished for stealing or wounding another person depending on gravity of the offense . Finally , the third promise was to abolish the laws of Chi ‘n


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