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Chest Tubes

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Running head : CHEST TUBES

Chest Tubes

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January 26 , 2007


This brief article starts with the explanation of a Chest Tube followed by insertion and explanation of various chambers and Water Seal

Chest Tubes

According to the University of Iowa ‘s Virtual Hospital (2004 , Chest tubes are long , semi stiff , clear plastic tubes inserted into the chest for drain collection of fluids or air from the inter-pleural space . A lung compressed which may be compressed due to such collections can later re-expand . Chest tubes [banner_entry_middle]

may be inserted at the fourth or fifth intercostal space on the mid-axillary line , i .e , close to the level of a line transducer ( see Annexure 1 for Chest tube positioning and insertion

According to Buffalo University , Chest tube can be inserted with the help of a Kelly clamp after incising the chest and the Kelly clamp removed . If the tube is of trocar variety , the tube is gently pushed in the pleura and the trocar removed as soon as possible ( see the Annexure 1

According to Nandi , air or fluid from the pleural space can be evacuated by connecting the chest drain to a glass straw immersed under saline contained in a bottle thus the expiration forces air and fluid into the bottle avoiding the reentry of air or fluid into the submerged tube

University of Iowa ‘s Virtual Hospital (2004 ) stated that , a single chamber set up could be used if the drain contains only air , but if the drain contains fluid also then a multiple bottle setup is used . While the first bottle is used a collection chamber containing fluid (blood or serous fluid from the patient , the second bottle is an air trap and the third bottle is used to gently suck and drain out both the fluid and air . The suction is regulated by the depth of tube in the water . Water seal ‘ is the disconnection of wall suction line from pleurevac (the setup mentioned above is collectively called pleurevac , when the air /fluid draining is assumed to have been completed

Annexure 1

Chest Tube Positioning (Source : cssolutions .biz

Chest Tube Insertion (Source : cssolutions .biz

Insertion using a Kelly clamp Insertion of chest tube with trocar (Source Buffalo University (Source Buffalo University

Arrangement of under water seal and the set up (Source cssolutions .biz


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