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Chemical Weapons

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Today , the nations around the world , especially those industrialized countries , are more cautious to threats form terrorists than ever before . In reaction to this event , more and more materials are being developed as a way protection for themselves . But as they create materials and equipments to defend themselves against these notorious people , they are becoming more and more prone to possible attack . The terrorist are beginning to realize that they could use these developed materials to attack strategically . The world appears to be [banner_entry_middle]

in great danger with the existence of these protective materials . The technology that they created that used to be a defensive mechanism seemed to be a probable hazard for them

Defensive Strategy of the U .S

During the administration of President Bill Clinton in the late 1990 ‘s the United States Department of Defense formed a program that would enable them to eradicate and minimize the entering of potential biological weapons in the United States . This is the Biological Warfare Defense Program . Under the development , it main goal is to track down possible hazardous agents such as bacteria , viruses , toxic chemicals and genetically modified creatures in every entry point of the United States . The program needed expertise in the fields of science and technology so they collaborated with leading universities and science-oriented organizations in the country . This helps them to further develop such protective mechanisms to defend its citizen . It also enables them to create high-tech equipments and chemical materials to detect the minutest details of a possible biological microbial attack . Though the program ‘s full concept was through the initialization of the military experts , the gadgets that they would be producing are for the citizens of the United States (1 . By this commotion of the government , the people of United States are more secure than ever

But as these protective mechanisms are being developed and utilized risks involved are observed to be increasing . One of the more obvious examples to this matter was the catastrophe that happened four years ago in a theater at the suburban district of Moscow . Almost 800 people are captivated by fifty Russian leftists . They insisted the abandonment of the military troops from Chechnya and address that they would kill the hostages inside the building . Preventive measures were taken under these situations . Such precautions done by the rescuing military was the use of non lethal ‘ chemicals to paralyze the hostage takers . But as soon as they paralyzed and killed the guerrillas , many civilians were also affected . More a hundred civilians instantly died inside the theater during the take-over of the military . Those that survived the tragedy suffered from long term illnesses and most of them are completely handicap

The Credibility of Chemical Weapons

The issue has been raised in the international community as to whether the utilization of non lethal weapon ‘ should be allowed for protection against terrorism . This enters the concept of the Faustian bargain or the short term benefits with long… [banner_entry_footer]


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