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Charter Schools : Passing or failing

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Charter Schools





Charter Schools : Passing or Failing


From a term almost never heard of before 1990 to one of the most hotly debated and widely researched s , charter schools have occupied the center stage of public education reform in the last fifteen years Education researchers have analogized the charter school movement as the “epicenter of America ‘s most powerful education reform earthquake claming it to be “the most radical education reform effort in the post World War II [banner_entry_middle]

era ” which is “intended to open up the possibility of fundamental change in the public education ” Politicians have left partisan politics behind and jointly advocated to “build the level of accountability you find in the charter school system into all the schools ” in the public school system . The media has followed closely with the movement and helps to spread the idea even further “the charter movement is being heralded as the latest and best hope for a public-education system and they “are changing the basic rules of schooling

So what is a charter school ? How does it differ from previously existing schools ? Why have they gained such popularity in the past one and half decades ? This introduces the development of charter school concept , reviews its growth , and introduces the general overview of current legal environment surrounding charter schools . The intent of this study is to identify the relative power and influence that legislative and financial factors have on the growth and development of charter schools in states . Finally some significant issues related to charter schools discussed and conclusions presented attempts to answer whether they passing or failing

Charter School

Interestingly , the definition of “charter school ” in the Webster ‘s Dictionary is “Irish educational organization founded 1733 : any of the schools established in Ireland in the 18th century to furnish protestant education for the Roman Catholic poor ” To education historians , this history may not be that remote . In 1733 King George II granted a charter to the Incorporated Society in Dublin for Promoting English Protestant Schools in Ireland . The Incorporated Society was to start new schools to teach poor children in Ireland to read and write in English , learn working skills , and most importantly , to live in the principals of the Protestant religion . Because of this charter , the Incorporated Society became a very privileged charitable organization and was able to raise large amounts of funds from both public and private sector for the “charter schools ” After decades of operation , however , these charter schools became notorious because of exploitation and mistreatment of pupils , which leads to the withdrawal of government subsidies and the failure of this movement by the mid of the 19th century

In the world of American educators , the concept of “charter school ” – raised by Ray Budde in his Education by Charter presented at the Society for General Systems Research conference in 1974 . But the idea did not catch attention until the publication of the same-titled book in 1988 . In… [banner_entry_footer]


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