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Chanukah also known as the Festival of Lights is an eight day long celebration that commemorates the miracle that took place in 186 BC when Maccabees led the Jewish people to victory over the Syrian invaders . It also celebrates the miracle when one day ‘s supply of oil for the Menorah lasted for eight days . The great victory in Jewish history that allowed Jewish people to freely perform their religious functions is also memorialized through Chanukah

Christmas on the other hand is a Christian Holiday which celebrates the [banner_entry_middle]

birth of Jesus . Jesus was born on Mary and Joseph ‘s journey to their ancestral home to register for a census ed by King Herod . The tar of Bethlehem appeared in the sky when he was born . Shepherds and people from around Bethlehem celebrated and followed this star . Since then the celestial event marks a period of time when people express thankfulness and merriment

Christmas comes from the old English word Christ ‘s Mass ” which refers to the celebration of the Lord ‘s Supper . The mass or the Lord ‘s Supper is considered as an integral part of the celebration of Christ ‘s birth It is celebrated from Dec . 24 to Jan . 6

While the Hebrew word Chanukah means dedication ” which marks the re-dedication of the Temple after its desecration under HYPERLINK “http /en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Antiochus_IV ” \o “Antiochus IV ” Antiochus IV .This holiday is celebrated for eight days . Chanukah varies each year and was celebrated in 2006 from 16th of December to the 23rd of December

A popular tradition of Christmas is sending Christmas cards to friends relatives and loved ones . Christmas cards usually show religious pictures of Mary , Joseph and baby Jesus , or other parts of the Christmas story . Santa Claus or Father Christmas , an old man with a long white beard , red coat , and bag of toys is a present day human face of Christmas . Children are told that he lives near the North Pole and bring the good boys and girls presents . The Christmas tree is another popular tradition associated with the celebration of Christmas . It is an evergreen conifer tree , brought in the house or used in the open . It is decorated with Christmas lights and colorful ornaments during the days around Christmas . Christmas carols are also sung

Chanukah on the other hand is celebrated by the kindling of lights on each of the festival ‘s eight nights , one on the first night , two on the second , and so on . The shamash is an extra light located at a distinct location usually higher or lower than the others . After the candles have been lit each night , a hymn is sung

These two religious holidays are celebrated at the end of the year and have almost similar rituals . The carol and hymns are festive songs sung in both holidays . Both holidays comprise of decorating and lighting houses . Both are celebrated by eating and giving presents to each other

The biggest difference is that Christmas… [banner_entry_footer]


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