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cesar chavez

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Cesar Chavez


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During the later part of the twentieth Century , Cesar Chavez was one of the prominent Chicano leaders . His family immigrated into California in the year 1938 during the period of Great Depression . Chavez was employed as a migrant laborer in the farms of California for a period of 14 years . He entered into the Community Service Organization during 1952 that had been formed to assist Hispanics in the West . Chavez associated with the group for a decade and becoming progressively involved [banner_entry_middle]

with the organization of migrant Mexican farm laborers in the region and with the improvement of their working environment . In the year 1962 he left Community Service Organization and constituted a union for migrant workers in California . During 1965 the grape pickers went on a strike in Southern California against an employer for unjust curtailment of their wages (Schultz , 2000

Chavez impressed upon the union to be known as the United Farm Workers to be associated with the strike . Chavez and the union boycotted the vineyard products from October 1965 getting the encouragement from the ideals of non-violence propounded by Martin Luther King Jr . The strike prolonged for about five years . Chavez could gain the support of powerful diplomats including Senator Robert F . Kennedy . In 1968 Chavez was honored to be a delegate to the Democratic National Convention During 1970 about 23 California growers were made to have alliance with the union of Chavez and with this the strike was called off . Chavez was known for his struggle for equality for the recognition of civil rights for farm workers and Hispanics that he persistently continued for four decades till his death during 1993 (Schultz , 2000

The plight of migrant farm workers at that time was unbelievably low They were engaged under the hot sun for longer period of time in picking up beans , peas , grapes , beets , cucumbers , tomatoes , cotton and other crops . For a basketful of picking they were being paid often with twenty to fifty cents . The owners deducted from their salary the charges for water they drank while in the fields . They were leading such poor life that they had even compelled to sleep inside the cars and run-down shacks while they could not afford a room . As most of the migrant labors are of Mexican or Mexican American origin , they knew little or no English and the language barrier was being exploited by the farm owners to swindle their money and legitimate claim . The plight of poor migrant farm workers continued even after the War . He was much concerned about the problems of the farm laborers of the nation (Cysar Chbvez : Hispanic Heritage

In 1952 he came across Fred Ross the founder of the Community Service Organization — CSO , the organization striving for better living conditions for migrant workers . Contacting the workers at night personally , he assisted them in solving their daily problems and encouraged all to register to vote . During 1958 he emerged to be the… [banner_entry_footer]


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