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Cause / Effect of War

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War is a reality of this world , a bitter reality . You can not begin to imagine 1 ,000 battlefield deaths or casualties of war in a year according to the United Nations . Ironically , the road to peace is through war

Causes of War (1 ) Aggression . Argentina invaded Falklands or the Malvinas Islands for several reasons – they claimed the islands because of its proximity , it was its inheritance from the Spanish government in 1810 as contained in its history books and the invasion diverted attention from Argentina [banner_entry_middle]

‘s domestic troubles (2 ) Retaliation Operation Enduring Freedom by the United States in Afghanistan was in retaliation of the 9 /11 attacks by the Al-Qaeda . That drove the Talibans , the supporters of Al-Qaeda , out of power (3 ) Territorial Disputes . The Sino-Japanese War in 1894-1895 was over the control of Korea . China and Japan were after each other in those times because of Japan ‘s encroachment of Chinese territories (4 ) Desire for Independence from colonial rule . In all the wars of the Philippines against Spain , America and Japan , they were all because of its desire to be independent from colonial rule (5 ) Ideology . The Vietnam War was engaged in by the United States to stop the spread of Communism from North Vietnam to South Vietnam and to the other areas of Asia (6 Religion . The Second Sudanese Civil War was between Muslims in the North and the Christians and Animists in the South (7 ) Economic . In the 1941 Operation Barbarossa , Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union Hitler wanted lands , raw materials , and oil for the Germans . He thought that those could be found in the East , in Russia . Hitler planned to starve the Russians to death and the agricultural surplus would be for the Germans

The world has seen all kinds of wars of all reasons or causes . One would think that the years would have taught men to comport themselves to the ways of an ly and civilized community of nations . The time was not yet , neither is the immediate future Effects of War . The end of the every war is the beginning of reconstruction and rebuilding from the harrowing effects of war (1 Destruction . Buildings , infrastructures , homes and villages are destroyed due to heavy bombings , land and air assaults (2 Displacement . People flee from areas of conflict . They leave their homes during heavy fighting . At the end of the war they have no homes to return to . Most end up in refugee camps of the UN until such time that they can return and rebuild heir lives (3 ) Economic ruin Production , manufacturing , trade are rendered impossible . It would take a long time and would need foreign assistance for its economy to pick up and stabilize (4 ) Famine . Halt in food production , remoteness of area for foreign aid and assistance to reach , and heavy fighting cuts off food supply . These are factors that may cause death by starvation for people greatly affected by the conflict (5 ) Environmental damage War… [banner_entry_footer]


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