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Novels are an effective means of telling and understanding history

`Catch 22 ‘ by Joseph Heller was one of the influential fictional events of the 1960s . In the novel there are huge amounts of satiric targets being condemned . A few of the major targets that he attacks comprise battle itself and its dehumanizing possessions , also the commanding officers that are in charge . Further targets , which Joseph Heller satirizes , comprise the medical profession , their lack of care concentration [banner_entry_middle]

and aptitude . Joseph Heller uses a great quantity of techniques , the key techniques including illogicality , overstatement burlesque and black humor to assist express his criticisms to the intended audience

A great Joseph Heller is clearly criticizing the dehumanizing effects of battle in his novel ‘Catch 22 . Predominantly how throughout battle time people are desensitized to death . Again the lives of the soldier ‘s are diminish as Colonel Cathcart volunteers his troops for a unsafe task for his own benefit . During battle time people are also desensitized towards the killing of others . As Dobbs plans to murder Colonel Cathcart for raising the number of missions in which they have to fly , he then begins arrangement to kill others

In the Catch 22 the family didn ‘t even comprehend that Yossarian wasn ‘t their son . Heller does this by attacking their aptitude and their incapability to do their job , how the officers believed they captured Bologna only since Yossarian moved the bomb line at night even as they were asleep . This irrationality on how Yossarian just moved the bomb line and the officers just consider it emphasizes the officer ‘s foolishness . This name merely being overstated and ridiculous . This absurd notion discloses that officers are ineffective and that they are self-serving . Also Scheisskopf ‘s concern for parades is a signal of the useless work which officers are concerned with . This overstating the amount of attempt which officers would put into something useless that has no significance to the battle “Don ‘t you know there ‘s a parade going on ” is an instance of an echo of “Don ‘t you know there ‘s a war going on , this technique demonstrate how Joseph Heller believes that officers are further concerned by pointless activities rather than the real battle at hand

The officer ‘s regard for life is also ridiculed as seen by Captain Black when he taunts the fliers before each mission regarding how they have to fly and that they might perhaps die . The overstatement of the number that Cathcart needs his men to fly shows how he doesn ‘t worth their lives but only cares concerning himself and getting feathers in his cap Cathcart also states “Nobody is indispensable either ” Adding to his disregard for human life . No doubt , the influence which officers have and how they abuse it also is satirized . General Dreedle also abuses his authority when he had the uncooperative fighter plane commander transferred to the Solomon Islands to dig graves . Furthermore… [banner_entry_footer]


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