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Case Analyses—The sullivan hospital system

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1 . In creating or renewing one ‘s vision , it is important that the main reason and objective behind the creation of such is clear to all . If clarity and precision is absent , and if it is boringly and unattractively written , it would just be a simple statement that cannot inspire and motivate the people employed in the organization that abides by the vision . The main objective in having a clear vision is to give a clear , specific and motivating picture of what the company wants to be It is a birds-eye view manifestation [banner_entry_middle]

of the envisioned reality of the company in the future . A company ‘s future is highly dependent on the vision it embraces . If its vision is blurred , fuzzy and incomprehensible , the destination that your company sill head at will also be like blurred , fuzzy and incomprehensible

In writing the first draft , they have sketched the vision vaguely and unattractively . They have done it poorly probably because they don ‘t have the idea of writing vision statements . Fortunately they have realized their shortcomings in mapping out the ideal vision statement They have realized that the patients should be the central theme of their mission statement . If they cannot give excellent customer service then why they are in the service of providing health care to them ? They also possibly found out that to reach your destination , you have to be clear on what it should be . By mixing these two basic requirements for an effective vision statement , we have seen that they have almost immediately experienced its impact

2 . Creating a vision is a very fundamental and vital step in a campaign of a company or any other organization . It sketches the destination that the organization wants to reach or attain . It gives us a certain kind of promise that the organization will be located in the future . Vision gives us a clear picture of what the output and result of the collected effort of the group looks like . Because it is still to be reached , it should be motivating and inspiring so that we can be energized to reach that destination , no matter what the costs are

Now let us assume that we have overlooked the vision formulation step and proceeded at the planning of the future moves that the organization will undertake . Can we have a basis for jotting down goals of the members of the organization ? Probably . Vision makes the goals of the company coherent and unified . Together with the mission statement it is actually a very potent tool to generate a spirit of camaraderie and teamwork in the group . It gives each member of the group reason on why he is involved in the organization . Furthermore it gives the company reason why I has been established and what change and contribution that it will make in the future… [banner_entry_footer]


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