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carre vs. wal-mart:the battle for global dominance

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Carre vs . Walmart- The Battle for Global Dominance

Carre vs . Walmart- The Battle for Global Dominance

What is the general market-environmental situation ? How do the domestic markets differ from their potential offshore markets

Overall , the general market-environmental situation regarding Carre and Walmart is this Carre enjoys a large market segment internationally from its hypermarkets , while Walmart has been largely successful in the domestic American market . These markets differ greatly , in that American buying habits , culture and preferences vary quite a bit from those of say China , for an example

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would you describe the firm`s competencies ? How might they leverage these competencies ? How should they position themselves competitively

Walmart enjoys the distinction of being the world ‘s largest retailer of general merchandise goods (Carpenter Sanders , 2006 , albeit based in America , while Carre enjoys hypermarket success in many nations . These competencies could be leveraged in that each firm has a strong track record in different market segments , so rather than competing head to head , they could collaborate and gain market share by working together rather than opposing one another

What sort of business-level strategy should they pursue in each of their potential markets ? Should it focus more on a low cost leadership no-frills product , or should it differentiate and go `upscale` in each of their markets ? Do government regulations have an impact on their strategy

Initially , it makes perfect sense for low cost leadership and no-frills product lines to be implemented , both from the standpoint of avoiding excessive capital outlay and staying with the business that they know best , especially when entering new markets later , of course diversification can be pursued once a foothold is gained in the familiar territory . Government regulations have an impact on their strategy , in that excessive regulations and taxation may place a heavy financial burden on the firm on the other hand , however , in nations where there are no wage laws and the like , the firm could benefit from inexpensive labor , for example

What actions should the management take next in expanding their sales What constraints do they have in meeting their goals ? How should they utilize any alliances that they may form to help them achieve their goals

Once again , a unique opportunity for Carre and Walmart to collaborate rather than oppose one another , exists for mutual benefit . This being said , management should pursue niche products in these new markets to meet unfulfilled needs of the customers for example , some products that are popular in America could be launched anew in Japan , etc . In meeting new sales goals , however , there are constraints , including unfamiliarity with new markets , the aforementioned government regulations , other competition , etc

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