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Career Opportunities in Sports Management

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Charisma , like beauty , has been said to be in the eye of the beholder rather than something that can be worked on . It is , somewhat , the traditional ‘charmer ‘ linked to the almost controlling individual who can ‘convince ‘ people that the selected direction is the right one and make them pursue this charismatic lead (Fyfe , 1994

In the career of sports management , a great deal of effort is requisite to lead what is often a dedicated and determined band of people towards a common particular goal . The entire concept of leadership has been [banner_entry_middle]

investigated by numerous intellectuals and put into action by several practitioners over a long period of time . The military influence in leadership is noted and scholars in the US , such as Adair (1988 , have elucidated militaristic applications of sound practice resulting from theories of human behaviour

One American guru of leadership has recognized what he calls transactional and transformational leadership (Bass , 1990 . He sees transactional leadership as based simply on ‘managing the status quo – the situation as it exists and proficiently organizing round about that . He has suggested in different books that it is essential for a good leader to go beyond the basic transactional level and move to change individuals and organizations by carrying them beyond basic performance levels (Gerson , 1989 . Very few situations today stay standing – certainly not sports organization – so it would seem that the transformational approach is the means to approach sports management Bass (1990 ) has identified four ‘i ‘s for such transformational leadership Intellectual stimulation Individual consideration Inspirational leadership idealized influence

He identifies each of these as being critically important , and it is suggested that sport and leisure managers will benefit by putting such beliefs into practice , and that this will assist them carry out their role in what is a very demanding… [banner_entry_footer]


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