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cardiac nursing

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Running Head : Cardiac Nursing

Title : Nursing Care for a Cardiac Patient


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Title : Nursing Care for a Cardiac Patient

Thesis : Nursing care for cardiac patients should be inclusive of pro-active measures that includes patient self-care education and preventive re-occurrence intervention strategy

I . Introduction

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC (2003 , there are 3 ,000 ,000 cardiac patients that have survived from a stroke from a stroke or a heart attack in 1991 and in 2001 , 650 ,000 have their first heart attack . Of [banner_entry_middle]

these , 43 ,000 have died and the rest are in need of critical care and monitoring to be able to survive the stroke or attack

There are currently several school of studies and practices with regards the care and monitoring of cardiac patients . These schools of thoughts or practices differ and have their own variation of what is defined as appropriate post-operative care . The foregoing is a brief discussion of what has been in practice so far and what could still be done

II . Currently , there are some general early supportive care practices that are being observed during a cardiac patient ‘s hospital admission (Adams Jr , et . al 1994 . These are as follows

2 .1 Observation of changes in the patient ‘s condition that might prompt different medical or surgical interventions

2 .2 Facilitation of medical and surgical measures aimed at improving the outcome after a stroke or attack

2 .3 Insitute measures to prevent sub acute complications

2 .4 Begin planning for chronic therapies to prevent recurrent stroke

2 .5 Begin efforts to restore neurological functions through rehabilitation or other techniques

In all of the above intervention measures , cardiac patient assigned nurses play a crucial role not only in the direct care of the patients but more so in the monitoring and documentation of the entire history and processes during the care of the patient

More recently though , new guidelines are being suggested for adaptation in the care for post-operative cardiac patients . In light of new technologies and results of earlier studies have been coming in , new methodologies and approaches for cardiac patients are being introduced Stresses are adapted and priorities changed

III . Prior to any intervention or patient care , one important facet of nursing that is often overlooked is making sure there is ample documentation of the pre and post operative care . Comprehensive documentation is an often overlooked arena of patient care . This cannot be more stressed or critical than in a cardiac post-operative patient In keeping notes or documentation of patient history and care , it is important that the following items be included in the patient ‘s These items will also serve as vital inputs for a more thorough diagnosis or prognosis for use of the doctors and specialists

a . Previous medical history

b . Prior assessments of the cardiac patient before the heart attack

c . Post-operative care and prognosis

d . Diet history and all other intakes

Meanwhile , The Thomson Healthcare Company (2006 ) has issued a list based on… [banner_entry_footer]


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