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Carbon steel

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Carbon Steel

Steel built the modern landscape that one can see today . This range from buildings , bridges , super structures , and other man-made creation that required the use of iron . The element iron is designated as Fe in the Periodic Table of Elements and it has to be made clear that Fe does not take all the credit . In for iron to be made useful other elements must be combined with it – even if what is required are trace amounts

One of the most potent combination mankind has known for a long time [banner_entry_middle]

br now is the mixture of iron and carbon . In just the right amount when Fe is wedded to carbon the result can be pretty amazing

In Jack Andrews ‘ book entitled New Edge of the Anvil ‘ the reader is reacquainted once again to the lowly regarded and often taken for granted steel . One of the humble byproducts of processing iron is plain steel , which is also popularly known as carbon steel . The rest of the study is focused on carbon steel yet other products made from mixing iron and other elements will be discussed to provide a rich backdrop so that one can get a better grasp of what carbon steel is all about

In Andrews ‘ work one can see the basic concepts about the wonderful effects of combining iron and carbon . Moreover , the reader will also understand how iron behaves when heated and this is very crucial because it is only when iron felt the blazing heat of fire and the ruggedness of the anvil , can this element be transformed into nothing into something that have shaped modern civilizations

Ferrous Metals

Andrews started with providing a background of what is iron . He wrote Iron in its natural state is in the form of iron oxides . Pig iron is the iron that is extracted by means of a pyrochemical process in the blast furnace . Other iron products such as wrought iron , cast iron and steel , are made from pig iron (p . 32 , 1994

Carbon in Steel

As mentioned earlier iron has not much use unless paired with other substances . When combined with particular elements , iron can be transformed into something durable , dependable , and even malleable to be formed in ways the blacksmith or industrialist wishes

With regards to the origin of carbon steel , Andrews made it plain for others when he asserted that

Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon it usually contains varying degrees of manganese , phosphorous , sulfur , and silicon [ .] Carbon however is the major alloy of iron . The amount of carbon n steel will range from a trace to about 1 .70 . In the words of the blacksmith , this would be 170 points carbon (p . 33

Andrews the proceeded to list the kinds of carbon steel that could be found in the global

trade of the said alloy (p . 34 Steel Grade

Amount of Carbon Present

Mild or low carbon steel

1-40 points

High carbon steel

40-60 points

Spring steel

70-80 points

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