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Capitalism of fast food chains/economic

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Munching Through the Rise of Fast Food Capitalism

The emergence of the fast food industry over the recent years has spelled gargantuan changes in our society . Obviously , the fast food industry had a tremendous impact on many aspects of our lives , virtually transforming our diet , landscape , culture , economy and workforce . That transformation has occurred in a relatively short period of time Although fast-food stands began to emerge as early as the 1920s , it was not until the 1950s that the industry began to grow rapidly . Like a virus that spread like wildfire [banner_entry_middle]

, the fast food industry has swiftly became a symbol of imminent global capitalism

According to Eric Schlosser , author of Fast Food Nation (2001 , the fast-food industry took root alongside that interstate highway system as a new form of restaurant sprang up beside the off-ramps ‘ Fast food operators established restaurants in strategic places , targeting busy intersections and commercial hubs . Schlosser said that McDonald ‘s , the largest fast-food chain in the world , is in fact one of the world ‘s largest buyers of satellite photography , using it to predict the direction of suburban sprawl . With the apparent ubiquitousness ‘ and the intense advertising schemes , Schlosser and other critics have feared that fast food does not only capitalize to attract us in spending our hard-earned money to buy their products , but they also act irresponsibly in failing to adequately inform consumers of the health risks involved in eating fast food

As a prominent global fast food brand McDonald ‘s had been tagged with perceived evils of globalization that agitate a range of ideologies including leftists , anarchists , nationalists , farmers , labor unions environmentalists , consumer advocates , religious s , intellectuals and protectors of animal rights . Its restaurants have been bombed or burned in 11 countries . When President George W . Bush attended a summit of Asia-Pacific leaders in Santiago , Chile , anti-globalization protesters attacked a local McDonald ‘s and outside a Buenos Aires restaurant police detonated a bomb left by a group opposed to the International Monetary Fund . For others , it symbolizes an evil America Within hours after U .S . bombers began to pound Afghanistan in 2001 angry Pakistanis damaged McDonald ‘s restaurants in Islamabad and an Indonesian mob burned an American flag outside another (Barboza , 14 October 2001

Worldwide , the company is a lightning rod for the discharges of critics angry about Americanization , capitalism , fast food , meat eating commercialism , and environmental degradation . In an article , Hall (6 October 2003 ) criticized that its profits continue to rely on the mass exploitation of workers , immeasurable animal suffering , the promotion of processed food wrapped in wasteful packaging and the mass manipulation of children (p . 19 . Activists in Great Britain organize an International Anti-McDonald ‘s Day each year on October 16 and maintain a Web site , mcspotlight .org , that meshes anti-McDonald ‘s campaigns

According to former McDonald ‘s CEO Jack Greenberg , protesters are more interested in using McDonald ‘s as a convenient symbol than in understanding the facts of our business (Naim 2001 ,

. 26 . In developing nations , the arrival of a McDonald ‘s is regarded as a sign of modernization . The company is often one of the first foreign corporations to enter , and one commentator regarded it as the canary in the coal mine of economic success ‘ because it arrives when disposable income rises and there is promise of more growth and progress (Goldberg , 5 June 2000 . For many consumers in emerging economies McDonald ‘s signifies a connection with world culture , an imagined global identity that they share with like-minded people (Holt , Quelch Taylor 2004 ,

. 71

Indeed , the fast food industry , especially McDonald ‘s , has transformed from fast-rising economic innovation to becoming a negative symbol to a number of social movements throughout the world . These groups are struggling to deal with ecological hazards , dietary dangers , the evils of capitalism and the dangers posed by Americanization and many other problems . Thus , in for fast food corporations to have a positive effect on consumers , it should not only take into consideration the profits they make , they also participate in improving their products to become healthful , support reasonable wage for their workers and they should apply efficient usage of natural resources when making their products

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