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Tom , is a lovable character despite all his faults . He is standing at the threshold of manhood and is hence too old for fairy tales and too young for cocktails . This conflict between adulthood and childhood is the highlight of the story . While being embroiled in childhood idiosyncrasies , Tom also seems to be growing up . The relationship between Tom and Becky Thatcher is responsible for bringing about significant changes in Tom ‘s character

In the beginning of the story , Tom is introduced to us as a character who finds pleasure in [banner_entry_middle]

destructive pursuits , who believes in childish superstitions , and looks up to Huckleberry Finn thinking that Huck has the maturity and wisdom . However , soon Tom falls in love in Becky and we notice a change in his character . The references to engagement , kissing and marriage denote the growing up of an adolescent and his progress towards adulthood . He begins to shoulder responsibility and makes wise decisions . Though the credit does not entirely go to Tom ‘s relationship with Becky , she does play an important in Tom ‘s passage into adulthood Both of them handle separation reasonably well . They help each other in the cave . It is the foundation of a lasting relationship

Though in the beginning , Tom thinks Huck is the wiser and more mature of the two , towards the end of the story we find that it is Tom who has grown up and is now capable of making decisions that display maturity and proper moral sense . This change in Tom is brought about because of the events in the course of the novel . Tom handles a relationship with poise and balance . He calms down Becky when she is near hysterics in the cave . He does unto Becky as a man would do for his woman . He shows himself… [banner_entry_footer]


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