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Benefits of Distance Learning

Financial Benefits

Ability to save money spent on housing , transportation and food

Ability to keep part-time as well as full-time job at the same time

Time Management Benefits

Increased flexibility in time management

Ability to be not confined to classroom and to certain number of studying hours

Ability to set convenient time schedule

Ability to work at home i .e . no need to attend classes

Opportunity to start as soon as a student wants

Studying Process Benefits

Better access to learning possibilities and opportunities [banner_entry_middle]

p Life long learning due to wider range of studying courses

Better choice of learning institutions

Better marketability

Ability to be involved into interactive teamwork between students groups i .e . ability to correspond with other students from different parts of the world

Promotion of compensation and potential

Constant access to on-line libraries , data bases and experts through catalogues , on-line searching engines and library stacks

Ability to communicate with instructors through e-mail , chat rooms telephone , etc – better educational experience

Ability to send course works , term s and home assignments via e-mail – convenient and safe as well ability to pass exams without leaving home

Social Benefits

Ability to maintain social , personal and cultural lifestyle through meeting with friends , relatives and other students

Maintained increased comfort

Reduced additional stresses (Distance Learning Benefits 2005

The benefits of distance learning are apparent as distance learning aims at meeting student ‘s needs . The offered outline is composed according to student ‘s needs and abilities . The most important factor affecting many future students who are willing to study is financial problems Therefore firstly they consider financial benefits of any type of learning . Ability to take part-time job along with ability to save money plays an important role in choosing studying course . Students having financial problems also consider benefits in time management and distance learning gives the opportunity to study when it is convenient for a student . Therefore time management benefits have to follow financial ones

Furthermore , effectiveness of studying process is also a matter of concern for future students . Ability to correspond with teachers and other students via e-mail , telephone and chat rooms offers wide range of studying opportunities . Constant access to on-line libraries and data bases affects student ‘s choice . Students having full-time and part-time jobs would be able to pass exams during their available time . Finally social benefits take the last place , because considerations about financial and studying benefits are more important in modern society as education is very expensive and one firstly thinks abut the ability to pay for the course and only then about the opportunities to lead social life


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