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business leadership

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business leadership

This Term identifies and presents a problem in the workplace of a person known by this student that requires or involves a team effort to the solution of said problem (Note : The problem statement is taken from a direct interview conducted by this student

This Term proposes a solution to said problem using the Team Effectiveness Leadership Model ( TELM ) of Ginnett (1996 , as adopted by May , G . L , Carter , T . J , and Dewey , J . D (1999-2007 , in which the problem will be addressed by using the model ‘s structural [banner_entry_middle]

components (see Exhibit A . This is limited to some of the applicable structural components of the TELM

This Term concludes by partially affirming the usefulness of the TELM in formulating a solution to the problem presented in this and provides an answer to its stand . This recommends an alternative model for organizational problem solving methodology Problem Statement AXY Company – a service oriented enterprise – has adopted the electronic mail (or e-mail ) as an official communication medium both internally and externally . Part of the company ‘s policy and procedure state : All external e-mails coming from various companies that are official or business must be printed immediately upon receipt by the concerned personnel – from the General Manager down to the lowest employee rank , as applicable – and circulated , if required , to persons concerned and must be processed without delay ‘ In the Inspection Division of the company , said policy and procedure is not followed . Many company clients complain of not receiving responses to their e-mail messages which carry official business documents as attachments . This problem has been going on for more than three years now and many customers have switched to AXY Company ‘s competitors . Because of this problem , the customer-base of the company is threatened . The General Manager has terminated two managers of the Inspection Division recently but the practice continues and the problem persists . The General Manager is in dire need of an immediate solution to the serious problem besetting his company

Theoretical Framework The proposed model used in solving the problem of AXY Company is the Team Effectiveness Leadership Model ( TELM ) of Ginnett (1996 , as adopted by May , G . L , Carter , T . J , and Dewey , J D (1999-2007 ) shown in Exhibit A . The TELM has various components – central to these is the Team Process ‘ which is characterized by its own components , namely : efforts , knowledge , skills , [and] strategy acquired by team members . The environment of the Team Process is provided by the atmosphere of Group Dynamics

The proposal for problem solution will include two inputs to the Team Process – these are : organizational inputs ‘ and individual inputs ‘ Under the organizational inputs , the team will formally ask for the approval of the General Manager to adopt a more strict measure in reinforcing the practice of the above-mentioned policy and procedure on handling external e-mails and to revise the established procedure that is , the immediate printing of the message and attachments , if necessary . Furthermore , the team will also recommend… [banner_entry_footer]


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