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Business Leadership

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Business Leadership

Introduction to the

There are a number of facts about leaders that are researched upon and even proved in literature and survey . However , before these statements become facts , there are a certain number of statements that face absurdity and a lot of vagueness in them and that is why they can not be converted to facts

However , there has been a certain amount of research been done on different statements and there are times when the statements have been proved . However , this is not necessary that the statement be [banner_entry_middle]

declared as a fact because there could be a chance that there are a number of exceptions related to the statement , until and unless it is proved even further

The will be discussing on the early trait theory where it was said that the leaders usually tend to stand out from the followers because of various reasons and factors . However , the factor that is being studied today is that of height and this means that the theorists claim that the leaders are usually taller than the followers

There can be a number of rationale statements that could be provided for and against the and this is why there will be a number of resources that will also be used in the in to support the discussion even further . There are various researches that have been done on this and those will also be quoted in the

Analyzing the Statement that Leaders are Taller than their Followers

The discusses the aspect of whether the leaders are taller than their followers or not . There are a number of cases where this has been proved and there are also a number of exceptions such as that of the 1924 or the year of 1972 . However , these exceptions will not be counted because they just tend to hinder the research

There is a certain research that had been conducted on the traits and the character of the leaders and how they react with one another or what their personality consists of . The research had a number of findings where the leader seemed to be courageous and far more out going than any of the other candidates or the people that were present

There seemed to be vague indications in a number of studies that leaders topped their group average in such characteristics as age height , weight , physique , appearance , and dominance . But the outstanding fact , as Dr . Stogdill discovered , is quite plain : It is at present impossible to say that any single trait distinguishes most leaders from followers in all groups taken together (Grazia , 1990

The research proved that the leaders tend to have those characteristics that stand out in a crowd . A leader is one that can be recognized in a crowd and would have a distinctive set of characteristics and skills in the way he / she may talk or may portray themselves . This would allow the leader to be able to stand out for… [banner_entry_footer]


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