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April 3, 2016 | Author: | Posted in business, mathematics and economics

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Corporate social responsibility (CSR ) plays a very crucial role in the modern business organization . It is through embracing good corporate social responsibility policies that organizations can solve some of the challenges which if not solved would cost on organization profits and business . In this discussion , ethical and CSR issues facing Pernod Ricard will be analysed with an aim of suggesting solutions viable for the company . It is hoped that the [banner_entry_middle]

solutions offered here shall help the company experience a turnaround in its market performance as well as inform the general public on the commitment of the company to delivering quality products and services through embracing of ethical practices . On top of the above , the solutions suggested here below would serve to inform the stakeholders of Pernod Ricard and to help solve any false misconceptions , which may exist between the general public and the company as well as to expound on the responsibilities of Pernod Ricard to the society and the company ‘s employees

Pernod- Ricard is a food and drink processing company which was founded in the year 1975 following a joint venture between two French companies namely , Pernod and Ricard . Pernod Ricard commands over 3 .4 billion in yearly sales making it a market leader in wines and spirits . Pernod Ricard commands a heavy presence in America , Asia Pacific and Europe The company specializes in wine making and is recognised as a market leader in the wine and spirits market . Its competitors such as Diego and Sodiki have continually been a major threat to the company . The company has employed over 17 , 000 employees and commands a presence is over 70 countries all over the world . The activities of Pernod Ricard have been instrumental in fighting poverty in terms of creating opportunities where it has branches

Besides creation of employment opportunities , Pernod Ricard has contributed to growth of national economies by paying taxes and other revenues . However , there are many ethical issues , which face the wines and spirits industry that makes Pernod Ricard to pay much attention to maintaining good public relations and keep the company ‘s refutation straight

The above is only possible by embracing CSR and ethics . It is worthy noting that consumption of drinks is usually influenced by the lifestyles of peoples in a given areas in that rich people are more likely to be drinkers and revelers compared to the poor . Advancement in technology has affected many people in that more and people can afford luxuries such as fridges meaning that , stocking lots of wines and spirits and therefore many people can afford to drink at will . There are many ethical questions arising in the wines and spirits market especially in regard to some companies that some players adopt especially while marketing their products . The above has been instrumental in the growth and success of Pernod Ricard

As one of the world biggest wines and spirits player , Pernod Ricard… [banner_entry_footer]


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