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Saga Group was founded in the year 1950 by its founder Sidney de Hann Saga is considered as one of the UK ‘s well-known travel companies and the top specialist in offering holiday packages to the people aged fifty or more . Saga now offers holidays to over 60 countries world wide , with destinations as varied as Ecuador ,Vietnam ,Galapagos as well as more conventional European and long haul destinations such as Spain Croatia , Italy , Spain , South Africa and Thailand . Further , Saga now drives its own cruise [banner_entry_middle]

ship namely Saga Rose ‘ which during each year finishes a Round the World Cruise as well as shorter cruise in the Mediterranean and Baltic . Another Cruise ship namely Saga Ruby which conducted a number of complementary itineraries . Thus the Saga Holiday division is manned by 600 corporate staff and serves approximately 200 ,000 customers

Saga earned pre-tax profits of ?109 m during 2006 on turnover of ? 500 m .Saga Service is the group ‘s finance and insurance arm providing home auto and medical insurance as well as savings and investment services

Saga is one of the largest direct mail organisation ‘s in UK and owns a subsidiary namely `Metro mail . The Saga group is having more than 2 million customers nationwide and earns an annual turnover of over GBP 300 million

Currently Saga Magazines is having a monthly subscription base around 6 00 ,000 . Saga magazine mainly concentrating its advertisements on Saga Insurance and adventure holidays and also owns Saga radio with local broadcasting stations at Glasgow , Nottingham and Birmingham operates three FM and two digital radio stations . Saga magazine has marched a long way since its original launch in 1966 as Saga news . At the beginning , it was 12 page newsletters given away to members of Saga Club .Labeled as `You , the Senior Citizen `it contained travel features about British resorts and stories about older folks making the most of their retirement . The Saga magazine was relaunched as a glossy magazine in 1984 . Saga Magazine has started to voice the concerns of about the 125000 British workers pension schemes which have been broken by companies scrapping these schemes . Thus focusing in politics which was a turnaround policy for Saga which was unimaginable under its previous owners , the de Hann family . Thus Saga magazine which was advocating adventure and carefree spirit in the course of offering insurance and holiday packages , there by inviting the attention of the labour government of UK to mediate in the unscrupulous activities of companies which were engaged in scrapping of pension schemes . Thus Saga was able to mobilise hundreds of its readers on the march to wave banners against the inaction of the UK ‘s labour government

Saga group also entered into e-commerce venture in 2000 through its website namely HYPERLINK “http /www .sag .co .uk /supplements www .sag .co .uk /supplements . This arm of Saga group is selling a range of nutritional supplements made especially for the 50 plus and 65 plus age… [banner_entry_footer]


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