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Bulimia : A Secret Life

Bulimia : A Secret Life

What do Jane Fonda , Catherine Oxenberg , Justine Bateman , and Barbara Niven have in common

These Hollywood personalities are among women who have suffered the eating dis Bulimia Nervosa commonly known as bulimia . Women are said to be more prone to develop this kind of eating dis because of their greater consciousness about weight and body shape . However studies have proven also that bulimia is affecting men as well . White women or women from affluent countries are said to have greater tendency in [banner_entry_middle]

acquiring bulimia while nonwhite women have lesser predisposition due to a more tolerant cultural view regarding body shape and size However , as women from different nations tend to identify with famous sexy female icons particularly actresses from Hollywood , bulimia along with other eating diss is gaining prevalence regardless of color culture , or nation

Bulimia is an eating dis affecting both men and women which may lead to serious health problems hence needs to be recognized and treated

Bulimia is an eating dis in which the affected person manifests bingeing that is later on compensated through self-induced vomiting laxative misuse and dietary restriction ADDIN EN .CITE Zeeck20061 117A ZeeckA HartmannA SandholzA Joos Bulimia nervosaTherapeutische UmschauTherapeutische Umschau6 (Zeeck et al . Another author characterizes bulimia as an eating dis manifesting symptoms such as purging in addition to bingeing Bingeing means taking in a large quantity of food within a short pan of time and beyond the recommended dietary supplement . Purging in one hand refers to the act of compensating the large amount of calorie-load from the food being eaten and this can be achieved in many ways . The most common form of compensation used is through self-induced vomiting , which is exhibited by around 81 to 88 of bulimic women ADDIN EN .CITE HoekH HoekD van HoekenReview of the prevalence and incidence of eating dissInternational Journal of Eating DisInternational Journal of Eating Dis3 (Hoek and Hoeken . Misuse of laxatives , use of diuretics and emetics , saunas , as well as excessive exercise and fasting are among other methods used

As earlier mentioned bulimia both occurs among men and women but it is more prevalent among women with a reported female is to male ratio of 10 :1 . It is said that bulimia has a lifetime prevalence of 3 . It was also said that a fraction of 6 among adolescent girls while 5 among college women were reported to be affected by bulimia . The symptoms of bulimia were noted also among 40 of college women . Bulimia is most prevalent at the adolescent stage taking a peak at age 18 . Moreover , it is suggested by current studies that bulimia is of greater occurrence among women who belong to the white race ADDIN EN .CITE FosterT FosterBulimia2005November 19 2006http /www .emedi cine .com /emerg /810 .htm (Foster

Bulimia as a progressive eating dis may eventually lead into harmful effects hence there is a need to recognize the signs and symptoms of this dis . Secrecy of purging and bingeing among… [banner_entry_footer]


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