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British Airways World Cargo

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British Airways World Cargo is one of the leading cargo airlines in the world , carrying freight , mail and courier traffic to 200 destinations in more than 80 countries

The BA network and freighter programme make it one of the largest single carrier networks , with a reliable schedule , same day connections between most continents and destinations , and extensive road connections

They have developed a portfolio of products that meet their customer ‘s needs . Their experienced operational and commercial teams worldwide take pride in delivering high levels of performance [banner_entry_middle]

and customer care

The business is administratively divided into geographical regions based in : North America Central and Latin America (plus Spain Western Europe North and Eastern Europe (plus the Eastern Mediterranean Africa , the Gulf States and India and Asia Pacific . Autonomous , but not independent , business units reflect functional differences such as cargo , engineering and maintenance , and the recently formed UK regional airline , CitiExpress

The group corporate and operating headquarters are located at Heathrow Airport in the UK . Over 61 ,000 staff were employed by the group worldwide in 2001 /2002 , 81 of them based in the UK . In 2001 and 2002 the global airline industry experienced a sharp reversal of fortunes This was caused by the severe wo0rld economic slowdown combined with the impact of terrorist attacks in the US on 11 September 2001 . These factors were compounded by the subsequent uncertain geographical environment and the rise of serious competition from the introduction of the `no frills ‘ airlines . In response BA

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was forced to review the `future size and shape ‘ of all aspects of its business . The review was expected to reduce employment by 13 ,000 by September 2003

Current employment after the ongoing process of rationalization across Europe and the UK is around 45 ,000 , with operations in Germany , Austria France , Spain , Portugal , Italy , Belgium , Luxembourg , the Netherlands Greece , Denmark , Sweden , Norway , Finland and Ireland . Many of the `station ‘ in Europe , however , employ small numbers of people . Some , like Finland , have fewer than 10 people . The UK employment numbers and practices therefore tend to dominate practices and culture throughout the group

In the UK , industrial relations traditions and culture are rooted in a strong trade union presence in what was once a public sector organisation . Over 70 of UK employees are trade union members and more than 95 are covered by the terms of formal collection agreements Amicus – AEEU , Amicus – MSF , BALPA (British airline pilots association Cabin Crew `89 , GMB and TGWU are the recognized trades unions . National bargaining is facilitated by a number of formal structures for negotiation and consultation , ranging from local sectional `panels ‘ to the British Airways Trade Union Council , recently renamed the `National negotiation forum (NNF , where trade union officers meet the Executive management every month

A history of largely conflictual relations continues to exert an influence on attitudes and opinions , en gendering suspicions of motives and resistance to change . Management

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describes its overriding approach to IR as `tactical , taking a… [banner_entry_footer]


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