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Brief the steps and stages of civil law?

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Civil war is the conflict which took place in 1861-65 between the Northern states (the Union ) and the Southern states that seceded from the Union and formed the Confederacy . The causes of the war were a complex series of events , including slavery . Competing nationalisms political turmoil , the definition of freedom , the preservation of the Union , the fate of slavery and the structure of the society and economy could all be listed as significant contributing factors in America ‘s bloodiest conflict . By 1861 the differences between the Northern States and the Southern States [banner_entry_middle]

had become so great that compromise would no longer work . Thus , a conflict started within the nation

During the early period of the war , Lincoln , to hold together his war coalition of Republicans and War Democrats , emphasized preservation of the Union as the sole Union objective of the war , but with the Emancipation proclamation announced in September 1862 and put into effect four months later , Lincoln adopted the abolition of slavery as a second mission . The Emancipation Proclamation declared all slaves held in territory then under Confederate control to be “then , thenceforth and forever free (Robertson , 34

This was an important political step closely connected with military benefits . Namely , Emancipation Proclamation was one of those minor reasons given the North new chances to win the war . Emancipation eventually led blacks joining the Northern army , renewed the army forces , and allowed Lincoln planned new aggressive military campaigns taking into account renew front-line forces . The North developed a special strategic plan to achieve several goals . First , control of the Mississippi River was secured to allow unimpeded movement of needed Western goods . Second , the South was cut off from international traders and smugglers that could aid the Southern war effort . Third , the Confederate army was incapacitated to prevent further northward attacks such as that at Gettysburg , Pennsylvania , and to ease the battle losses of the North . Fourth , the South ‘s ability to produce needed goods and war materials was curtailed

The South ultimately did not achieve its goals , and after four years of fighting the North won the war . During the war the strategy of the North government was not successful all the time , but strategic thinking and charisma of Lincoln played a major role in the war outcome . In August 1864 , the radical turn fastened the win of the North . Union General Sherman departed Chattanooga , and was soon met by Confederate General Joseph Johnston . Skillful strategy enabled Johnston to hold off Sherman ‘s force , almost twice the size of Johnston ‘s . The fall of Atlanta was another reason increased the chances of the North to win and boosted its morale . The strategy of the Lincoln administration made the capital safe from attack by ringing the city with a chain of forts manned by substantial garrisons of artillerists and other troops Remaining Confederate troops were defeated between the end of April and the end of May . Jefferson Davis was captured in Georgia on May 10

The difficult situation in the South… [banner_entry_footer]


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