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Book Review -The Heart of the old Testament by Ronald Youngblood

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A BOOK REVIEW : The Heart of the Old Testament by Ronald Youngblood

Ronald Youngblood ‘s The Heart of the Old Testament made an attempt at showing in detail the solid foundations of the Scriptures , in such a way that the classic age-old biblical beliefs will be sewn together analyzed , and pondered upon , so that its consistency as a single book and strength as a spiritual creation will be manifested into a highly effective summary that highlights the heart and core of the Old Testament

Youngblood succeeds in his attempt at demonstrating the [banner_entry_middle]

oneness of the Bible by making an effective and fluid use of the nine dominant themes in the Bible that categorizes the most fundamental concepts among everything that is presented in the Bible

Youngblood discussed in detail the nine main themes in the Bible that make up the heart and core of the Old Testament . These themes are monotheism , sovereignty , election , covenant , theocracy , law , sacrifice faith , and redemption . All these themes are the threads that have been sewn together so that all the chapters in the Old Testament and New Testament of the Bible would fit perfectly , making it a single , solid and consistent book as far as themes are concerned

By making his exposition simple and very easy to understand , Youngblood brought his message across in the most straightforward and admirable manner to his audience . He was careful against missing the essential points , and he was practical in showing the essence of the biblical themes . Even the non-Bible readers could understand what he means because he was so straightforward and was never metaphorical in interpreting the Bible . In sewing together what was written in the Old Testament with what was present in the New Testament , Youngblood proved that the Bible was consistent as one book , a unified guide to blessedness , before and after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ

Youngblood effectively captured the very heart of the Old Testament by going through its themes as separate threads , and showing how one thread is related to other , and how each was sewn together with another , and further showing that the New Testament affirms the themes in the Old Testament , showing only that God as the overseeing energy in the creation of the Bible , is a consistent One God

The most helpful part of the book is its straightforwardness and simple readable style that transcends generations , cultures and lifestyle backgrounds . If it had been more roundabout and if it had used jargons and unfathomable honeyed metaphorical expressions , then it wouldn ‘t have been a good understandable book . Perhaps it would have failed to capture the heart of the Old testament , and subsequently failed to come across as a solid and reliable reference . But Youngblood avoided any discrepance in understanding by being direct and straightforward so that each of his paragraphs are easy to digest , absorb and relate to the present time

Youngblood ‘s style was basic and easy-to-read , therefore highly understandable . He presented his insights in the most though-provoking way… [banner_entry_footer]


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