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Esperanza ‘s Box of Saints


Esperanza ‘s Box of Saints

Mexico ‘s Maria Amparo Escandon ‘s maiden novel , Esperanza ‘s Box of Saints , is a story about a mother ‘s unconditional love for her daughter Esperanza Diaz , a beautiful widow in a small Mexican town , is grieving for her twelve-year old daughter named Blanca . In the novel it is told that Blanca had a tonsillectomy one day and suddenly died of a mysterious virus . One day Esperanza witnesses an apparition of San Judas Tadeo on her grease-laden oven window while [banner_entry_middle]

preparing pollo al chipotle for the funeral guests . San Judas Tadeo is the patron saint of desperate cases . He tells her that her daughter Blanca is not dead From this incident Esperanza stubbornly believes that her beloved daughter was kidnapped by a doctor at the hospital and sold to prostitution

Desperate to rescue her daughter she embarks on a journey . Being a religious Catholic woman , she brings with her a box of her saint statuettes to guide her . The journey takes her to the sleazy parts of Tijuana , Mexico . She searches the rowdy brothels posing as a prostitute whose aura of innocence betrays her from the legitimate ones at one glance . This mascarade yields her nothing in relation to her objective A hint on a map takes her to far California . Her colorful odyssey is made more so by eccentric characters who contribute not only to Esperanza ‘s goal of finding Blanca but also of finding herself . A light-hearted fast-paced read , the heroine ‘s adventure filled the novel with subjects like Esperanza ‘s strength of spirit , her undying faith humor , magic realism , that there is a reason for everything in life sexuality , self-reliance , independence , passion , love , and the true meaning of death

Esperanza ‘s Box of Saints is narrated alternately in the first and third person by way of Esperanza ‘s confessions , the priest ‘s prayers , and Blanca ‘s diary entries . This novel is a prime example of a Gabriel Garcia Marquez ‘s influence on another writer from Latin America . It is full of magic realism with a twist of scattered outrageous and subtle humor such as the appearance of San Judas Tadeo in the oddest of places for a saint , a grimy oven window like a pisata dangling from a rope Esperanza believes that the saint needs the grime for his visit so her current untidiness is entirely excusable supposedly for a higher purpose

There is also the deceitfully written somber remembrance of Luis Esperanza ‘s husband who died in a bus accident , where she enumerated the possessions she has kept for more than twelve years : news clippings from the accident , his wedding ring , his wisdom tooth ‘ Or the about Esperanza ‘s suitors after her husband ‘s death They wished they could caress her long black hair and hold her close for at least one century

Sometimes I think the writer is really taking me for a ride when I encounter a sentence like , Luis fell in… [banner_entry_footer]


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