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“The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin : A Book Report

Benjamin Franklin is considered as one of the most influential figures and one of the most successful politicians in American history . Through an autobiography (which was written originally for his son , Franklin succeeds in deftly painting the image of an ideal American

Franklin ‘s autobiography is considered as one of the most important and influential texts in American history – it provided an enlightening glimpse of 18th century America through the eyes of a poor man who made it big in the New World . It [banner_entry_middle]

especially historically significant in that it had a tremendous impact on 19th and 20th century society and culture

Through his autobiography , readers can get to know Franklin not only as a diplomat and statesman , but as a jack-of-all-trades – a diversified man with a lot of personas . He excelled in various other areas such as sports , literature , science , business , education , and public service , to name a few . He is man of letters , a philosopher , and is even recognized for his wit and humor

Franklin lived an eventful and extraordinary life . The first part of the autobiography dwells more on his family and personal relationships , as well as his exploits with his early jobs . Franklin details his experiences growing up in a large family under the watchful eyes of a stringent father

As a youngster , he battled with feelings of rebellion against his father and various social constructs of his day . But even at a young age Franklin displayed great confidence in himself . He is hardworking proud , and optimistic – he carried these attitudes on to adulthood and these characteristics helped him succeed in his various endeavors

In contrast to the first part of Franklin ‘s autobiography (which was written thirteen years prior to the next sections ) the second , third and last parts focus on his life as a public servant and his ideologies relating to war , politics , and society . These parts dwell more on certain key experiences that establish his character . Franklin also discusses in these parts his ideal standards for moral and ethical behavior , and shares his insights on how moral renewal could be achieved

In his autobiography , it is apparent that Franklin recognizes the power and influence he as on the next generations . Through the careful shaping of his persona , he shows how the dream of success , social progress , and redemption could be possible . The autobiography paints Franklin as representative of an ideal American . He embodies the American Dream and shares with his audience , the American people , this dream of succeeding in the New World

The 18th century was a time of change in America , which was then (and still is now ) dubbed as a “land of promise . The historical significance of Franklin ‘s autobiography lies in the fact that it reflects the difficulties of those times more importantly , it reveals how America as a free nation can presents a great opportunity for accomplishment

Because it espouses the American Dream (in the context of American culture , Franklin ‘s… [banner_entry_footer]


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