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Running head : WALDEN TWO

A Book Report : Walden Two by B .F . Skinner

John Q . Student

Wright State University

A Book Report : Walden Two by B .F . Skinner

B .F Skinner published Walden Two in 1948 . The novel takes place in the United States shortly after the end of World War II “Rodge ” Rogers whose first name is not given and Steve Jamnik became friends while serving in the military during the war . After the war , they find that it is difficult to return to a normal life “Jamnik and I [banner_entry_middle]

are like a lot of other young people right now . We can ‘t make up our minds . We don ‘t know what we want to do (Skinner , 1948 ,

. 7 . In an attempt to find the life they want to lead they visit Professor Burris , one of Rodge ‘s former professors , to discuss his ideas about utopia . Ironically Burris barely remembers mentioning the subject but finally recalls a fellow student he knew in graduate school named Frazier who had designed a utopian community named Walden Two . Burris contacts Frazier and arranges the three of them , as well as Castle , a colleague of Burris , Barbara Macklin , Rogers ‘ girlfriend , and Mary Grove , Jamnik ‘s girlfriend , to visit Walden Two (Skinner , 1948 , pp . 7-15

When they arrive , Frazier shows them around the community and explains how it operates . They meet some of its approximate 1 ,000 inhabitants The people appear to be happy . They live in communal quarters , share meals at communal dining halls and share the facilities of the community . Each of the adults works about four hours each day to provide for the needs of the community . They are not paid a salary because money is not used within Walden Two . The people in roles of leadership carefully monitor life in the community . If there is evidence suggesting a change should be made for the community ‘s good , it is made and its consequences carefully evaluated (Skinner , 1948

During their three-day visit , Burris and the others experience the community lifestyle . At the end of their visit , Steve Jamnik and Mary Grove love life at Walden Two so much the decide to stay . Rodge also likes the life there and wants to stay , but his girlfriend Barbara refuses to say so they both return to society . Castle likes nothing about Walden Two and returns to his regular lifestyle as a college professor . Professor Burris finds himself intrigued with life in the commune , but decides to return to his academic life . However , once he is at the station , he changes his mind and returns to Walden Two to live and gives up his life as a professor

I found this book disturbing , even threatening . As I read through the book , I found myself thinking of Orwell ‘s 1984 and Aldous Huxley ‘s Brave New World . I felt like this even though 1984 wasn ‘t published until the same year as Walden Two so it couldn ‘t have influenced Skinner ‘s writing , and… [banner_entry_footer]


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