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Book of Knowledge

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Since the year 1912 , the New Book of Knowledge has been in print and has remained as an authoritative , informative and educational modern encyclopedia for children . It provides balanced , appropriate , and engaging coverage of a wide range of s for students in grades four through six . The New Book of Knowledge has long been the leading source of accurate , accessible , and fun-to-read information for use in homes and libraries . It contains thousands of articles , written by over 1 ,880 authoritative contributors and also has many other special features

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THE NEW BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE Number of Words 7 ,000 ,000

Number of Articles 9 ,000

Contributors 1 ,900

Article-to-Article Links 8 ,300

Wonder Questions and other feature boxes 759

Internet Links Nearly 8 ,000 from approximately 2 ,000 articles

Tables 150

Fact boxes 575

Maps 629

Flags 254

Illustrations Approximately 4 ,000 color photographs and artwork

NBK News 4 weekly current events stories , each with photo and lesson plan special features include Word Challenge , Wild Wonders , History Mystery , and Earth Watch The key aspects of the New Book of Knowledge Online are its appealing features , illustrations , and maps complement encyclopedia entries . The more recent 2003 edition boasts of 51 completely new articles among them African Union Chirac , Jacques Grief Giuliani , Rudolph Mesopotamia Snails and slugs and Zoology

With about 1 ,200 new images , photographs , and works of art , the New Book of Knowledge Online devotes nearly one-third of the content to illustrations . This is a key feature which appeals to its target market of children from grades four (4 ) to six (6 . Several interactive features also make this edition more appealing and entertaining for the children as well . Under the NBK News section there is SummerScoops which is a fun section that currently links to the Great Outdoors Sightseeing .com , Rainy Day Fun , Summer Reading , and more . There are also other regular features , such as Wonder Questions , Literary Selections and Projects and Experiments , which are also found in the print set . Web Feat is a fun-and-games approach to learning and adds entertainment to education

The strength of the New Book of Knowledge Online is the fact that the information is very thoroughly updated . The replacement article on Afghanistan is current into June 2002 and Hamid Karzai ‘s election as president of the Transitional Authority . Terrorism , war on is a new entry , and Bush , George W . and Terrorism were replaced . The Bush entry notes his address to the United Nations in September 2002 , and the new entry on Tony Blair mentions the prime minister ‘s support for Bush ‘s plans to disarm Iraq . The post made it into the entries for Space exploration and travel and Space shuttles . These current facts make this an ideal encyclopedia not only for children but for parents as well . It is not only useful for school reports and research s but has all sorts of information that appeal to almost all the scholarly endeavors

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