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Biology-Stomach Cancer

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Stomach Cancer

The human body is a complex system that has to be fully understood by us . It houses all the systems necessary for life . Each system works dependently with each other to sustain life . To acquire optimum body functioning , there should be a healthy relationship between the systems in our body . Stomach , being part of the digestive system , holds a critical role in our body . Like all the other organs in the human body several alterations have been recorded that are considered threat to the human health . One of these is [banner_entry_middle]

stomach cancer or otherwise known as gastric cancer . In to understand what gastric is , it is imperative to determine first the anatomical and physiological structure of the stomach

This seeks to answer the following questions

What is a stomach

What is stomach cancer

What causes stomach cancer

Is stomach cancer caused by an individual ‘s genetic make up

Is stomach cancer caused by an individual ‘s environmental factors

How is stomach cancer diagnosed

What are the current treatments for stomach cancer

To which gender is stomach cancer most prevalent

To which race is stomach cancer most prevalent

The stomach is an expandable sack located mostly under the left lung between the muscular diaphragm which pushes up the lung , and the coiled small intestine . The stomach is closed by important organs in the abdomen . To the right of the stomach is the liver , to its lower left is the spleen , and underneath it is the pancreas . The esophagus enters the stomach at the gastro-esophageal junction , while the small intestine exits it at the lowermost antrum . The front of the stomach rests on the abdominal wall , and lower parts of it also contact the upper left kidney and transverse colon . The important areas of the stomach itself are the greater curvature , the lesser curvature , the fundus and the cardia . The stomach has a delicate inner lining , made up of columnar epithelial cells , and acid secreting cells called parietal cells . The chemicals that protect this lining are called prostaglandins

The stomach has an impressive blood supply , mainly from the celiac artery which comes off of the main artery , the aorta . There is also venous drainage of blood to the spleen and liver . A secondary drainage system , called the lymph system , filters the blood in normally pea-sized lymph nodes . These are connected to lymphatics in other abdominal areas by lymph channels . Lymph nodes are full of white blood cells that help purify the blood serum lymph nodes often enlarge when they detect spread of diseases . The point is that the stomach ‘s rich blood supply and many drainage paths can act as conduits for spread of infections or cancers

The main purpose for the stomach is digestion of foods . Digestive process begins with the saliva in the mouth . In our diet , the stomach activates Vitamin B12 , secretes hydrochloric acid to break down food and churns the food into pulp . It can also directly absorb substances like alcohol and caffeine . The… [banner_entry_footer]


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