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Bio-Diesel Fuel

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: Bio-Diesel Fuel

p : language Research Bio-Diesel as an alternate fuel and potential for its future use in reducing the demand of fossil fuels

Biodiesel is an environmentally-friendly and low polluting fuel derived from waste or fresh vegetable oils (triglycerides ) or animal oils (which is a renewable source of energy . It can be utilized alone or along with petroleum diesel fuel . However , by itself it does not contain any petroleum products . Biodiesel can be utilized in internal combustion conventionally using diesel without many alterations in the engine design . The fuel is [banner_entry_middle]

free from sulphur and harmful aromatic substances and hence is comparable less toxic . It is 75 cleaner than conventional diesel in terms of pollutants produced during burning . It contains mono-akyl esters of long-chain fatty acids that are usually obtained from animal fats or vegetable oils . It has to meet the criteria laid down by the American Society for Testing and Material (ASTM . One of the common formulas containing biodiesel is B20 , which contains 20 percent biodiesel and the remaining 80 percent petroleum products . This mixture has proven to be environmentally friendly and has also significantly reduced the costs of fuel in terms of petroleum imports It meets the criteria of the Energy Policy Act (EPA , 1992 . B20 may cause a slight reduction in power , torque and fuel economy , but this does not cause an apparent problem

In the US , biodiesel utilized as a fuel or a fuel additive , has been recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA ) and the standards set by the California Air Resources Agency (CARB . Even 100 biodiesel (B100 ) has been recognized an alternative and environmentally friendly fuel by the Department of Energy (DOE ) and the Department of Transportation in the US . Before the customer blends biodiesel with regular diesel , it should be ensured that the specifications laid down by the ASTM are met . These specifications make sure that the customer will not develop operational problems . The operations aspects and air quality will improve only if the specifications of the ASTM are being met (suggesting quality fuel . Biodiesel or its products should only be purchased from accredited manufacturers and certified suppliers . A biodiesel quality control program known as `BQ-9000 ‘ has been initiated by the ASTM , which has laid down certain quality standards under ASTM-D-6751 . The various procedures under the quality program include storage , sampling , testing , retailing , transportation , marketing , etc It also ensures that improvements are made in the BQ-9000 system

In the US , legislation has been set up to improve the quality of air known as the `Clean Air Act . So far , biodiesel has been the only alternative fuel that has met the health specifications laid down under this act . Biodiesel reduces the amount of un-burnt hydrocarbons , carbon monoxide and emitted particles , when compared to burning petroleum diesel alone . Biodiesel helps to reduce acid rain and the other ill-effects of vehicular pollution by reducing the amount of sulphur oxide emission and sulphates . The un-burnt hydrocarbons can have a disastrous effect on the ozone layer… [banner_entry_footer]


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