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Bill Clinton – Emotional Intelligence Assessment

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p If The Constitution allowed a president to pursue a third elected term it is safe to say that Bill Clinton would have won the 2000 election by a convincing margin . The political consensus at the time would support that assertion and the probability that he would be elected to a third term speaks to the charm and emotional intelligence that Bill Clinton possesses . During the eight years of the Clinton presidency , his administration as well as President Clinton himself , were investigated for more possible ethics violation than any president in history . This [banner_entry_middle]

br while his approval ratings were usually above average . Emotional intelligence is a term that has come into use to distinguish people who are master of their own feelings and turn them to constructive uses from those whose passions get the best of them , undermining their everyday actions ‘ Page , Clarence ( 1998 , August 30 ) Clinton ‘s Mistake . The Chicago Tribune . A .23 Regardless of one ‘s partisan opinion of Bill Clinton , he did possess charm to either , depending on one ‘s personal opinion , to succeed in great accomplishments during his presidency or rather to deceive the American public while engaging in adulterous affairs and whitewater scandals

Bill Clinton ‘s emotions never got the best of him . He was described as charming and reserved under pressure more than any president since John F . Kennedy . President Clinton tells of a time when he decided to meet with the parents of the service men and women who had gone to Bosnia at his command and some were killed . President Clinton met with the family members of the deceased while knowing that a number of the parents hated President Clinton and everything that he stood for . He commented on the intense hatred that he felt in the room but that by the end of the meeting , there seemed to have been some consensus reached . There were no miracles but a small amount of respect had been gained by the parents towards their president . This is an example of emotional intelligence President Clinton didn ‘t have to meet with groups that hate him for the death of their children . And many people would have shied away from such an environment who could not manage their emotions as well as President Clinton was known to be able to do . When attacked in the way that President Clinton was in that meeting , he responded by being compassionate and understanding but knowing that he should not presume to know exactly how those parents were feeling . It was that same level of emotional intelligence that made President Clinton so popular and beloved by The Democrats even to this day . President Clinton , like President Reagan and Kennedy has those social skills that made them very popular and thus , more effective while during their time in office

Another example of President Clinton ‘s emotional intelligence was during and after the Monica Lewinsky investigation . Having been the only President to be impeached since Andrew Johnson in 1868 , President Clinton was still able… [banner_entry_footer]


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