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Between the wars in the twentieth century there was a body of work that

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Architecture has predominantly swayed the world in the Prism of its own unique style and patterns depicting the erstwhile social and cultural life and bestowing Nations with the ornaments of crowning glory and Pride . The word `architect ‘ itself is most probably derived from the Greek word Arkhitekton , simply means `chief builder ‘ having born in Ancient Egypt . The Medieval cathedrals speak volumes of the enduring Master masons who gave us the unique gifts of Architecture styles in heritage (Parkelees Architect Ltd . Since Centuries thereafter there was very little alternation in the [banner_entry_middle]

traditions of Architectural skills but as soon as there was an advent of Industrial revolution , the technology witnessed continuous change , and the foundation stone of what we called as a Modern Architecture was laid

Modern architecture implies to the art of building styles with absolutely same characteristics basically having the simplification of form and without ornaments . It was all started in .the year 1900 , and by 1940 , these styles were grouped under one Umbrella , called as International style and became the most popular among architects in whole twentieth century , specifically used in institutional and corporate buildings . Modernism was a beginning of a new era in the world of Architect (Wikipedia , encyclopedia on Modern Architecture . The advent of Modernism was the sign of new Enlightenment paving the wave of whole new development and glory . Many view Modernism as the product of Industral development , as the new materials like iron , steel , concrete and glass began to be available , Architectures started driving new techniques to come out with the exclusive style of buildings . In 1796 it was a mill owner Shrewsbury Charles Bage who was the first one to use design that was fireproof In 1907 , an Association of Architects , designers and Industrialists with the name of Deutscher Werkbund (German Work Federation , was formed which prooved to be a most important organization in the history of Modern Architect . It was formed due to the effort of Herman Muthesius who wrote three volumes of The English House ‘ in 1905 . This association exerted a considerable influence all through 1934 , and reestablised after World War 11 in 1950 . Muthesius was known as a cultural ambassador , or industrial spy between Germany and England (Wikipedia , Encyclopedia . Another great known Architecture and founder of Deutscher Werkbund was Peter Behrens (Oxborrow Kelly , But the real roots of Modernism is found in the works of Berthold Luberkon (1901-1990 . He was a Russian architect but lived in London and formed a group called Tecton . This group followed scientific and analytical methods to design the buildings laying particular importance to function , meeting the specific needs rather then merely emulating nature (John Allan , 2003 . He was greatly influenced by Le Corbusier The characteristic features of his designs were geometric figures technical ingenuity and a vision of modernism (John Allan , 2003

HIGHPOINT I In North London in 1935

Photo : Morley von Sternberg

And this vision of Modernism was clearly visible in the Highpoint in North London which was constructed in 1935 . Even Le Corbusier… [banner_entry_footer]


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