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He should know that his methods are not perfect and there is probability for mistakes . This is especially necessary in the field of political science where the possibility of compounding is high the opportunity to make a research that encompass all factors is low

Both Dahl ‘s and Sander ‘s articles are incomplete discussions of the Behavioralist approach . This is partly due to the fact they are only parts of a whole collection of articles in a book . Therefore , their goal is not actually to give a comprehensive discussion of behavioralism , but [banner_entry_middle]

br rather to give and discuss only a few of its aspects and main features Their foci are only on certain aspects of the approach . Therefore , while the discussion may not be said to be exhaustive and comprehensive as regards behavioralism as the articles ‘ subject matter , they are exhaustive and comprehensive within their respective limits

First , Robert A . Dahl was able to provide a comprehensive presentation of the origin and development as an approach . He was able to identify the reason the approach was introduced and the factors that facilitated its growth . He was also able to note the changes that the approach has undertaken and some of its most notable contributions in research . It even provided a prediction of the future of behavioralism . On the other hand , David A . Sanders provided a very brief but complete discussion of the essence of behavioralism , including its strengths and weaknesses as a research approach . While the discussion is not too in-depth to the point of being technical , the discussion is sufficient for a person even with a non-political science background to understand what behavioralism is and what sets it apart from other theories

The articles by both authors are well-supported . Dahl ‘s article was supported by specific facts in history that… [banner_entry_footer]


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