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Life a young musician

Born in Bonn on 1770 , Beethoven ‘s life as a musician began under the rigid training of his father , Johann , a local musician and singer of Bonn . His father was a drunkard and was immensely frustrated that he would never be as good as the brilliant Mozart . He was left under the sole training of the local church organist , Christian Gottlob Neefe . At only 12 years old , some of his music was already published including the Variations for Piano in C minor p [banner_entry_middle]

Local musicians and aristocrats who did not fail to recognize the talent in him continued the training for the young boy that his father had given up . In 1787 , he visited Vienna for the first time and his exposure to the music-loving aristocracy of Vienna prompted him to compose and publish his own music . It was during his stay in the city that he first met Mozart , though for only a brief period of time because he needed to leave Vienna the moment news of his dying mother has reached him (The Columbia Encyclopedia , 2005

Life back in Bonn was never easy for him . He had to supervise the family household and financial resources . The sudden responsibility that the death of his mother caused taught him to be more independent even during later in his life . His father ‘s attitude towards him never changed and that relationship drove him to enhance his craft in music

When he returned to Vienna after five years , Mozart had already passed away . His training continued , this time , under Franz Joseph Haydn However , their ideas and musical style rarely coincided that made him turn to other great musicians , like Antonio Salieri and Johann Albrechtsberger , for further training

The Three Periods

First Period (1792 – 1802

There were three periods in Beethoven ‘s career . The first period , also called the Viennese period , began in 1792 when Beethoven studied and learned the rules and techniques of music and composition . The city of Vienna had been the home of the great musicians and composers in Europe for over a hundred years . Haydn introduced Beethoven to the public and taught him of popular styles according to the public ‘s taste and favorites (McGlaughlin , 2005

When Beethoven ‘s unique and beautiful style started to come out and developed , his masters recognized this and thus , they encouraged and supported him to begin a series of original compositions . However , this development in him convinced him to give up all his trainings due to his financial insufficiency to pay for his tuition . His first music published in Vienna included three piano trios opus (op ) 1 and three piano sonatas op . 2 . His originality and brilliance showed most in the piano sonatas . In 1795 , he had his first public appearance , performing the Piano Concerto No . 2 in B flat , which impressed the city of Vienna and urged him to compose three piano concertos , two symphonies , and six string quartets

One of his compositions in… [banner_entry_footer]


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