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Battle of Trenton (Revolutionary War)

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The Battle of Trenton


The Battle in Trenton was very important battle to the American people especially to their military forces . This battle has been an inspiration to the succeeding battles that happened in the United States of America . The techniques and the strategies used by the leaders in fighting this battle in Trenton paved way in more victory against the British army and their Hessian mercenaries

The Place , Time and Principal Antagonist

The Battle of Trenton took place on December 26 , 1776 during the American Revolutionary War . This [banner_entry_middle]

battle took place on Trenton , New Jersey on the Delaware River . General George Washington led the 2400 Continental Army against the Hessian Brigade of Colonel Johan Rall which consisted o f1400 men . The American troops have 18 guns while the Hessians have 6 light guns

In this battle , General George Washington believes that this is a do or die ‘ situation for them . If they lose , this will be the end for the Americans ‘ but if they will win battle he knows that this will boost the morale of his men and even convince those who will be finishing as enlisted soldiers to go on and fight and continue serving their country

As for the Hessian Colonel leading the Hessian army he was convinced that the American will not be able to defeat his men because they are demoralized and that they are in a strategic position in their garrison in Trenton

The Nine Principles of War

Objective : To defeat Cornwallis and the British troops from taking over New Jersey . The patriots crushed the Hessians in a surprise assault thus forcing Cornwallis to surrender his army

Offensive : As part of their plan , General George Washington was to attack the garrison in Trenton on the night after Christmas . He meant to attack when they were tired and probably have hangover after celebrating Christmas

Mass : General George Washington have his men concentrate on the unsuspecting British forces celebrating the holidays have his whole 2400 men attack the garrison at Trenton

The American forces crossed the ice-clogged Delaware River on Christmas night 1776 . So by early next morning they arrived in Trenton and surprised the Hessian forces encamped in there

Economy of Force : General George Washington use his full force to win this battle because he believes that this will bring so much victory on the American troops when they win this battle over the British forces in New jersey

Maneuver : In this battle , General George Washington led 2400 men , to cross the Delaware and plan to attack Trenton from the North . Then there are 1000 men headed by Brig . General James Ewing on the south waiting for to block the retreating Hessian troops . Colonel John Cadwalader would lead 2 ,000 men , mostly militia , across the river at Bordentown and attack the garrison there as a diversion . However , with the storm , Ewing was unable to make it across , while Cadwalader was unable to bring his artillery and too late to be of any assistance… [banner_entry_footer]


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