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Presentation of the issue

Chris Andersen (2006 ) describes Wi-fi as the , first blast in the revolution ‘ that will usher in the internet in the open era . This prophecy is supported by rapid spread of Wi-fi in many areas which require use of internet by a large group of people . Thus schools universities and homes are considered ideal to place hot spots for wire less transfer . However there is a lot of skepticism about the harmful effects of Wi-fi . This has placed many people including students teachers and above [banner_entry_middle]

all parents in a quandary . The advantages of the internet for students are so wide spread , that a parent cannot think of depriving the child use of the World Wide Web for education as well as entertainment . Wi-fi provides the advantage of anywhere surfing . Thus with a lap top and a hot spot close by , the need for a wired internet connection does not exist

However the down sides of Wi-fi are becoming slowly evident as reported by Heald (2006 . The concerns of parents who having perceived health related problems in children after being close to Wi-fi , do not want this technology in the future , what ever be the advantage , need to be addressed holistically . The health hazards faced by persons denoted in the report are no doubt genuine however the cause for the same is not as clear (Heald , 2006 . There is limited scientific evidence to prove that headaches and nausea or skin rashes are actually caused by exposure to electro magnetic radiation generated by Wi-fi

The key issue therefore is should there be a ban on Wi-fi because there is inadequate empirical evidence to prove that some health hazards are directly related to it . Well Wi-fi enthusiasts and technology companies do not feel so , while people who have suffered the ill effects of Wi-fi as highlighted by Heald (2006 ) do not want it any where near their homes where children in particular could come to harm

The IT background of the issue

The advantages of Wi-fi technology are many . These are only now being exploited after use by technology experts for some years in the past (Andersen , 2006 . For the masses , Wi-fi provides a cheap mode of connecting to the World Wide Web with great flexibility without the encumbrance of a wire hanging down the roof top . The greater impact of Wi-Fi is the ability to work in the narrow frequency spectrum that is available for consumer use which is already getting restricted with the high density of requirements for downloading of audio and video content . The internet protocol IEEE 802 .11b resulted in high quality wireless fidelity which is thus popularly termed as Wi-fi . The technology family is Ethernet and provides broad bandwidth in the 2 .3 gigahertz frequency band . In concert with other technologies as the GSM /GPRS as well as UMTS , Wi-fi can provide wide coverage including , in city blocks which are otherwise susceptible to radio screening

As no wires are required to be… [banner_entry_footer]


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